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Kali Restaurants: Enjoy Seasonal Californian Cuisine in Los Angeles

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Any food lover can tell you they loves to grab the first bite of seasonal food. As every season is different, so is the food.  As a food lover, it’s quite obvious, you want to taste the contemporary Californian food of the season that satisfies your taste buds and easy on your pockets. In Los Angeles, taste a local delicacy you will never forget, Kali Restaurant is your ultimate food destination.


Mind innovation of two chefs to transform their dream into reality

Located between Larchmont Village and Hollywood, this small local restaurant is a brainchild of two master chefs Kevin Meehan and Drew Langley. Both of them wanted to set-up a restaurant without pretension. Therefore, they created a restaurant that offers the best delicacies for food lovers. In the Kali restaurant, they have implemented the ‘FINE DINING’ culture where they have focused on hyper-seasonal and local farmer market ingredients with a blend of Californian sensibilities and contemporary twist.


Reasons to choose Kali Restaurant


Perhaps, there are many eating places around the area, but Kali has everything anyone could expect in a good restaurant. Here is what Kali offers you –

The perfect destination for private parties


Kali – the local seasonal Californian restaurant is a perfect destination for private parties and events. The restaurant has space to accommodate groups of more than 8 people. If you are looking for a small get-together up to 4 people then the restaurants offer a general reservation on open tables. The restaurant also offers a range of options to customize parties according to the guests.




When it comes to serving food and drinks, Kali leaves no stones unturned. Whether you are visiting the restaurant for dinner, lunch or brunch, it offers the best seasonal food. You can even check the online menu where you can get all the information about the food they serve according to the season. The restaurant also serves wine and cocktails.

Whether you are planning to organize intimate dinners, off-site event, catering, large parties or private parties, Kali Restaurant is just one call away.

For every food lover, seasonal cuisine is something they can’t resist. At every season, they wish to taste it. Regardless of your reason to visit Los Angeles, if you are a gourmet and looking for a relaxing place to enjoy time with family or friends along with tasting the contemporary Californian food, then visit Kali Restaurant. You can reserve your seat and get any information about their menu, location on the site of Kali Restaurant.




Maria Seville
Maria Sevilla is a Waukesha, WI native. She moved west to study media at UCLA. Her husband is a sports freak, while she prefers mimosas an anywhere her puppy is allowed on the patio. Right now she's writing a romance thriller and excited to attend her next concert!
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