Gift Guide: Daily Ovation’s Disney Gifts for Adults who are Kids at Heart


Disney World isn’t just for kids – it’s for adults who are still kids at heart.

TOMS Women’s Classic Fairytale Shoes


TOMS has created a high-quality shoe brand designed for women and girls. We make fun, trendy shoes out of all natural materials that are designed to last. These shoes will provide a great experience for any buyer


  • DESIGN: Fairytale and Toms have partnered to create a twist on the Classic Alpargata design featuring characters from Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella
  • FIT: The elastic “v” allows for easy on and off and the chambray liner add that little bit of extra for comparability
  • MATERIALS: Vegan materials were used in the creation of these beautifully crafted shoes
  • USE: The Toms classic is great for indoor and outdoor use with the rubber outsole allowing for better traction while walking
  • CHARITY: With the Toms ‘one for one” program toms has donated more than 60 million pairs of shoes

BUY NOW ($50- 93)


Minnie Mouse Faux Leather Mini Backpack

In a world of black coats, purses, and shoes life can get pretty dull. And that’s just not fair, life is full of color, fun, and excitement! Don’t get us wrong. We understand what it’s like to fall into the black accessory loop. Black accoutrements go with everything! Here’s a secret, well actually, it’s not really a secret you can tell people if you so choose. Black doesn’t have to be boring. The purse is a classy black, sure, but with a perky twist. The bag is the perfect size to bring along your wallet, phone, and a little snack.

  • Size: Standard
  • Minnie Mouse Faux Leather Mini Backpack
  • Outer dimensions 10″ high x 9″ wide x 6″ thick
  • Faux leather outer shell, fabric lining
  • 2-way top zipper closure, front zipper pocket

BUY NOW $80     ($64)




Disney Princess Jewelry for Women and Girls, 14K Yellow Gold Tiara Pendant Necklace and Stud Earrings Set, 18” Chain

Pamper yourself with another dazzling addition to your precious collection of necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings! This is the ultimate Disney jewelry set that will bring your fashion statements to the next level. With the choice of rose or tiara on the pendant and studs, every girl, lady, or woman will love this jewelry set (or both sets)!

  • Officially Licensed Disney Jewelry; Princess 14k Yellow Gold Tiara pendant necklace and matching earrings
  • Delivered in a Beautiful Gift Box, making it the ideal Birthday, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, Present; Cute idea for every gift-giving occasion
  • Exquisitely crafted with Premium 14k Yellow Gold; An Elegant, Fun and Sophisticated Set for Disney Princess fans of all ages
  • 18-inch Chain Link Necklace with Spring Ring Clasp; Friction Clutch Backs Always Ensure a Secure Fit


BUY NOW ($139)



Marvel MVA-802 Iron Man Single Serve Coffee Maker, Red/Gold

Start the day with a heroic cup of coffee. The Iron Man single serve coffee maker provides the flexibility to brew either coffee capsules or ground coffee. Lift the Iron Man mask to access the brew chamber. Insert either a capsule or scoop of a favorite ground coffee and start the brewing cycle with the touch of a button.

  • Brew coffee capsules or ground coffee.
  • Start brewing coffee at the touch of a button. Choose 6, 8 or 10 ounce brew volume.
  • 40 ounce removable water tank.
  • Remove the drip tray to fit taller mugs.
  • Includes ground coffee adapter to brew a favorite blend.

BUY NOW $149   ($129)



Starbucks Disney Parks Cold Cup Tumbler – Venti 24 Fl Oz by Starbucks

  • Starbucks Disney Parks Exclusive
  • Sold only inside Disney Parks locations
  • 24 Fl Oz clear BPA-free plastic cold cup with double wall construction and reusable straw
  • Cup and lid are dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended for straw

BUY NOW  ($79.50)



Disney Park Exclusive Mickey Mouse Glove Hand Ceramic Spoon Rest And Plastic Black Measuring Spoon Set

These authentic Disney Mickey Mouse spoon rest and plastic measuring spoons are the perfect accessories for your kitchen. A must have in any Disney fan’s home.

The ceramic material makes it easy to clean after resting a coffee or spaghetti spoon down without getting your counters dirty.

  • Mickey Mouse glove hand ceramic spoon rest and plastic measuring spoons
  • Exclusive items from Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts
  • Mickey Mouse ceramic spoon rest measures 8.5 inches in length and the rest area is approx. 4 by 3 inches. Mickey Mouse plastic measuring spoon set with 4 different sizes.


BUY NOW ($36.99)


Star Wars Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Mill

Everyone from denizens of the Death Star to the irregular regulars at the Mos Eisley cantina would appreciate a little extra flavor, so these Lightsaber salt and pepper mills are a great idea no matter where your travels take you. Not as clumsy or random as a regular salt and pepper shaker, these elegant grinders have a ceramic mechanism you can adjust from fine to coarse. These mills are made from high-quality stainless steel, and their exteriors are durable ABS plastic molded to look like your favorite Jedi weapon. Each runs on four AA batteries (not included). Set of two grinders — one red and one blue.


BUY NOW ($39)


Kate Spade New York Earrings Bow Stud

  • Kate Spade New York Earrings Double Bow Stud
  • 14K GOLD- rhodium plated metal / enamel coating
  • steel posts


BUY NOW ($68.99)


Disney Mickey Mouse Jewelry for Women and Girls, Silver Plated Mickey Mouse Crystal Ring, Mickey’s 90th Birthday Anniversary

  • Officially Licensed Disney Jewelry; Silver Plated Mickey Mouse Crystal Ring
  • Delivered in a Beautiful Gift Box, this charming ring is an ideal present for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Other Holidays, or just because
  • Exquisitely crafted Silver Plated Ring; An Elegant, Fun and Sophisticated Look for anyone
  • The Beautiful Paved Crystals on the edge of the Ring are Perfect for adding a Sparkly touch to your Style
  • Lovely Black Enamel Ring with Mickey Mouse centered, Size 8


BUY NOW ($ 60)



Walt Disney Pictures Vinyl Wall Clock

  • BEST GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – gift for the New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary for your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, relative. The variety of our clocks designs will allow you to choose the right present for the right person, taking their tastes, preferences, hobbies and lifestyle into consideration. Imagine how happy your friend or loved one will be to receive such an original clock
  • ORIGINAL INTERIOR DETAIL – is a wonderful piece of decoration in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, playroom, children’s room.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HOME’S LOOK – Imagine your Friend’s Faces when they will see Vinyl Art in your House. Make Your Room Modern with the Exclusive Decor. Vivid color combined with vintage vinyl record is something no one is expecting to see on your wall!

BUY NOW ($34.95)


iPhone X Case Disney Cute Soft Jelly Cover Heart Minnie Mouse

Cute Disney Minnie Mouse Clear Jelly iPhone X Cover

  • Disney Minnie Mouse Original Case for iPhone X
  • Ultra Slim: 

BUY NOW ($19.90)


Disney Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Start your day off with a smile with this fun Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker. Bake a large golden brown Mickey shaped waffle (6″ approximate diameter) in just minutes. Everything about this product will make you grin, right down to the easy-clean nonstick coated cooking surface. Bakes One 6″ Mickey Mouse character waffle. Illuminated Mickey power light.

  • Bakes One 6″ Mickey Mouse Character Waffle
  • Illuminated Mickey Power Light
  • Nonstick Cooking Plates
  • Non-skid Rubber Feet
  • 800 Watts; 1 year warranty

BUY NOW ($29.95)



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