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Blind Filmmakers YouTube Channel

Blind Filmmakers YouTube Channel

The country’s first and only Blind Filmmakers YouTube Channel has just premiered “Cane Etiquette,” one of seven original short films starring, written, produced and directed by blind and visually impaired filmmakers and actors.

View the Blind Filmmakers YouTube Channel here

Each Friday, for the next several weeks, a new short film will be released on the YouTube channel until all seven films are available.

The films are part of a group that premiered at the inaugural Los Angeles Blind Film Festival held in August at the Blue Door Theater in Culver City, CA.

The shorts were all created by CRE Outreach’s Film by the Blind (FBTB), the country’s only educational film program composed entirely of blind and visually impaired acting students.

“We’re a group of blind filmmakers dedicated to showing the world that while we may not have sight, we have a creative vision that we want to share,” said member Sean P. Gorecki.

Participants in FBTB learn the fundamentals of on-camera acting including techniques in relaxation, concentration, sense memory, emotional recall and improvisation. In a supportive environment, students perform in front of the camera and practice the technical, physical and emotional strategies needed for film acting.

The syllabus and curriculum were developed by CRE Outreach staff member, Lindsay Nyman, a graduate of U.C.L.A.’s School of Theatre, Film and Television, who began her work with CRE’s Theatre by the Blind over 5 years ago and is a member of Actor’s Equity and SAG.

“Film by the Blind is an innovative, immersive film education program for aspiring blind actors and blind filmmakers.  This unique program offers blind individuals the means and medium to gain hands-on experience making films,” said Nyman.

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  1. Wow! Very creative

  2. Cheering on the filmmakers! This is different. I want to watch it all

  3. Too many channels. You’re adding to the clutter 🙁

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