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Levi’s Stadium Adds To Hospitality Offerings With Introduction Of Topgolf Swing Suite

Levi’s Stadium and Topgolf today announced that this September will feature the opening of a Topgolf Swing Suite within the confines of Levi’s®Stadium and its Michael Mina Tailgate loft event space. The Topgolf Swing Suite will enable visitors to play a variety of interactive, virtual games – including the popular Topgolf game – on a best-in-class simulator, while enjoying comfortable lounge seating, HDTVs and food and beverage service. The unique club space is set to open in September and information on booking reservations is now available at

“Levi’s Stadium and Topgolf share a common focus of providing unique experiences and high-end amenities for our customers, making the new Topgolf Swing Suite in the Mina Tailgate lofts a natural fit for both organizations,” said Jamie Brandt, 49ers vice president of sales and service. “Levi’s Stadium was designed to be a relevant year-round attraction for the Bay Area and the addition of Topgolf will be a great complement to the annual calendar of events and daily activities already programmed for the venue.”

Levi’s Stadium is set to become the first football stadium to install Topgolf’s newest product offering and will open the space in advance of the first 49ers regular season home game of the 2018 season.

“We’re thrilled to work with an iconic venue like Levi’s Stadium to provide a new, interactive entertainment experience for 49ers fans and Bay Area residents and visitors,” said Ron Powers, president of Topgolf Swing Suite. “This is the first permanent Topgolf amenity in a professional football stadium, and we know golfers and non-golfers alike will have a great time playing a variety of games on the industry-leading Full Swing simulator.”

The Topgolf Swing Suite complements Levi’s Stadium as one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world. The Topgolf Swing Suite games are designed for up to eight people to play, eat, drink and hang out in the bay at one time, regardless of their level of skill with a golf club. The Topgolf Swing Suite can be rented for business and social gatherings, including birthday and bachelorette/bachelor parties.

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