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Umami Burger Announces Two-Year Exclusive Partnership With Impossible Foods

Umami Burger Announces Two-Year Exclusive Partnership With Impossible Foods

Umami Burger, the world-renowned premium burger brand, is expanding its partnership with Impossible Foods. The startup’s flagship product, the Impossible Burger, is now the exclusive plant-based burger at all 22 Umami Burger locations in the USA.

In addition, Umami Burger’s parent company, sbe, is making the Impossible Burger the exclusive plant-based burger at the Delano Hotel and Beach Club. The South Florida resort includes the award-winning restaurant Leynia, managed by Chef Jose Icardi.

Umami Burger launched the Impossible Burger in May 2017, and it remains one of the top items on the menu. Umami has created several additional versions of the Impossible Burger, appealing to a wide variety of clients and attracting new customers to restaurants coast to coast.

Looking to the future for the Umami x Impossible partnership, Sam Nazarian, Founder & CEO of sbe, stated: “Umami Burger and Delano Hotel South Beach are thrilled to continue to drive culinary innovation with our partner Impossible Foods with new products for the market and our guests.

We are excited to continue building a stronger relationship with Impossible Foods – bringing the plant-based meat to the domestic Umami Burger locations and to our award-winning Delano South Beachfood and beverage program. sbe’s Culinary Innovation Lab headed by our Chief Culinary Officer Martin Heierling with the incredible team at Impossible Foods will continue to collaborate to create new unique options for our customers.”

Umami Burger has sold over 140,000 Impossible Burgers to date, averaging 2,100 burgers per week. From the limited release of Jaden’s Impossible Trio partnership with Jaden Smith last fall to the launch of three new Impossible Burgers this spring, the partnership has been a tremendous success for Umami Burger and Impossible Foods.

“Our partnership with Umami Burger proves that demand for the Impossible Burger starts strong and stays strong,” said Stephanie Lind, Senior Vice President of Global Sales of Impossible Foods. “Umami Burger’s leadership also demonstrates an exceptional sense of innovation, managing to surprise and delight customers with delicious, new Impossible offerings.”


Impossible Foods Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger has played a key role in the Umami brand’s growth and menu expansion over the past year. In addition to the Impossible Burger, Umami Burger launched five new menu items in June featuring four new salads and crispy lollipop chicken wings.

The featured salads include The Tuna Poke & Wasabi Caesar Salad, Roasted Beet & Herb Salad, Pulled Asian Chicken Salad, and the New Style Taco Salad that all deliver serious flavor to the health-conscious diner. The Crispy Lollipop Chicken Wings are available in Buffalo or BBQ and come with a jalapeno ranch that adds that extra kick!

Designed to please even the most dedicated meat lovers, the Impossible Burger is the world’s first and only burger that handles, cooks and most importantly tastes like ground beef from cows — but is made from plants with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals.

The Impossible Burger generates about 87% fewer greenhouse gases and uses 75% less water, and it requires about 95% less land than conventional ground beef. Produced without hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol or artificial flavors, the Impossible Burger is nutritious, delicious and a meat-lover’s dream.

For more information on Umami Burger visit or follow @umamiburger or #umamiburger on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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