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NSI International’s Wubble Bubble Ball Tops 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Super Wubble Bubble Ball

One of the biggest stars on YouTube isn’t a person, a cat that plays the piano or a dog that says “I love you.” It’s NSI International, Inc.’s Super Wubble™ Bubble Ball – the amazingly innovative toy that looks like a bubble, but plays like a ball. You can bounce it, stretch it, smash it, even sit on it!

This week, the more than 3,200 Wubble videos posted on YouTube topped a collective one billion views and 18 million “likes.” The videos – from more than 30 countries around the world – range from toy reviews to fans seeing how much abuse the ball can take, inspired by a commercial that features Super Wubble surviving being stepped on by an elephant.

“No matter what’s trending on YouTube, fans love to incorporate the Wubble.,” says Frank Landi, president of NSI and inventor of the Wubble Bubble Ball.

“Right now, DIY slime is big, and lots of YouTubers are stuffing homemade slime into Wubbles to create gigantic stress balls. They’re also slicing open our Wubble Fulla Slime and adding the contents to their mix.”

Another YouTube crowd pleaser: using Wubbles for science experiments. Fans around the world have filled Wubbles with Sprite and Pop Rocks, Diet Coke and Mentos, vinegar and baking soda and other substances that create chemical reactions.

“We’ve seen YouTubers incorporate Wubbles into homemade bottle rockets,” Landi said. ” We’ve seen Wubbles deep fried, cooked on waffle irons, filled with smoke bombs, frozen with liquid nitrogen, even tossed in a blender.”

Wubbes have not only become a favorite among internet science buffs, but of pranksters and daredevlls, too. Fans have filled Wubbles with everything from eggnog and mashed potatoes to bath bombs and bananas.

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Super Wubble Bubble Ball 2

The Funk Bros. filled their trampoline enclosure with Wubbles, then jumped into it from the balcony on the second floor of their house. Stephen and Carter Sharer duct taped Wubbles together and had raft races across their pond. And Shot of the Yeagers, Carl and Jinger and Daily Bumps all surprised their kids with playrooms packed with Wubbles.

 “There’s something magical about this squishy ball that bounces and moves through the air, like a bubble,” Landi says. “It brings out the most hysterical laughter – even when it hits you.”

NSI launched the original Wubble Bubble Ball in 2014, and it quickly became a global phenomenon, winning numerous awards, including the coveted FamilyFun Toy of the Year Award and Scholastic Gold Star Toy Award.

Wubbles are available in a variety of fun formats, including Super Wubble; Super Wubble Brite (light-up, color-changing balls); Tiny Wubble; Wubble X anti-gravity balls; Water Wubble water balloon balls; and Wubble Fulla balls, which come filled with gooey green slime or soft, colorful Magic Marbles.

More than 20 million Wubbles have been sold worldwide.

For more information, contact NSI Director of Social Media Parri Sontag at (813) 830-3115.

SOURCE NSI International, Inc.

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