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InfoList’s Pre Comic-Con Bash in Los Angeles July 12

You’re invited to InfoList’s Pre Comic-Con Bash in Los Angeles on July 12, 7:30pm – 2am at Hollywood & Highland’s OHM Club!  It will be an amazing celebration of all things  Comic Book, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Cosplay!


Infolist started in 2000 by its founder Jeff Gund.  Gund, a popular casting director and composer, is a “connector” by nature.  He was hearing about job openings and opportunities all the time and soon started connecting his friends to each other and to those opportunities.  That’s when it really soared!  Meetings took place, friends were being hired, projects were happening — and Jeff intuitively because the center of it all.

To keep it all organized, Jeff needed to upgrade his system and with a friend’s help that become the website in 2006.  His goal was for the system to help him settle his networking so that he could return his focus to his love of casting and composing.  However, to his surprise the website just grew and grew — more introductions, more events and ultimately helping more people.

Jeff Gund

Countless success stories have come from Jeff Gund’s Info List events.  Sure, there are VIPs who regularly attend his events.  Executive and founders who can make projects happen.  But based on history, it’s just as likely the up-and-coming creatives in the crowd bump into each other and end up creating gold.  Actors and actresses have been cast in projects, Managers find new clients, entrepreneurs find collaborators and funding.

What’s the key that makes Gund’s events so strong: “Quality people.  Everything else is just dressing.”  It’s a cross-section of good people.

At Infolist’s July 12 Pre Comic-Con Bash in Los Angeles expect to see a crowd of diversity.  Entertainment folks from Comics, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, performance, make-up, music, writers/producers, executives.  Technology folks from websites, mobile, tech start-ups. 

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What’s next for InfoList?  While Gund continues to host events, he has taken on producer roles in several upcoming projects and working with tech start-ups.  He continues to be passionate for networking and helping others.  

Interested in an enhanced networking experience?  Try Premium InfoList here!

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