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Patrón Tequila Goes on Nationwide Tour Inspiring Consumers to “Patrón the Summer”

The Patron Spirits Company (PRNewsfoto/Patrón Tequila) Patron The Summer

Patrón Tequila will celebrate its versatility in cocktails this summer through a one-of-a-kind mobile cocktail experience traveling from coast to coast. The “Patrón the Summer” tour starts at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival in Jacksonville, FL, where Patrón will pop-up a highly interactive experience that allows consumers to enjoy fully-customized and locally-inspired cocktails perfectly tailored to their tastes.

The tour will stop at select culinary events, music festivals and more through Labor Day, pairing each region’s flavors with the latest in on-site cocktail innovation. Along with cities across the U.S., the tour will visit cities in the U.K., FranceAustralia and Mexico.

At each stop on the tour, visitors will be invited to try signature cocktails using Patrón’s custom cocktail and digital ordering system.  By answering a few simple questions on the interactive touchscreen, the interface will help them determine a drink perfectly suited for their palate, including a variety of summer-inspired Patrón drinks, on-trend tiki cocktails and a custom cocktail inspired by flavors typically enjoyed in their market.


“Consumer demand for interesting spins on cocktails continues to grow, fueled by an ever-increasing rise in out-of-the-box creativity from bartenders and even the amateur mixologist at home using local ingredients and flavor inspirations,” said Lee Applbaum, Global CMO, Patrón Tequila. “

At Patrón, we’ve recognized that demand and created the ‘Patrón the Summer’ tour to show spirits aficionados across the globe how our tequila’s versatile flavor profile enhances the summer drinks they may typically reserve for spirits like gin, rum or vodka. In using a variety of classic and custom cocktails inspired by seasonal and region-specific taste preferences on tour, we look forward to showing drinkers how they can shake up their summer drink repertoire using tequila this summer.”

With a cocktail in hand, guests can also check out the “Patrón the Summer” House on-site, which includes a virtual reality experience that transports guests to the Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, where they’ll take a tour through how Patrón Tequila is made.

Following their journey, those looking to cool off and capture share-worthy moments can enjoy the Bicycle Bar featuring Patrón ice pops, or the Splash Room, where a dynamic photo experience creates a memorable takeaway for fans to share on social media.

The Patron Spirits Company (PRNewsfoto/Patrón Tequila) Patron The Summer

For Patrón Tequila enthusiasts who cannot attend one of this season’s events, Patrón is making it easy to “Patrón the Summer” and learn new cocktail recipes at home.  The Patrón Bot-Tender, a chatbot bartender service available via  PatronTequila.comFacebook Messenger and Twitter direct message, will connect users with the cocktail prowess and expert recommendations of Patrón’s own mixology team: David Alan and Stephen Halpin.  Users will be able to converse with the Bot-Tender and receive custom summer cocktail recommendations depending on their environment and taste preference at any given moment.

Each event and at-home integration is an extension of the Patrón Cocktail Lab, a feature on Patrón’s website.  Patrón Cocktail Lab is a library of hundreds of different recipes developed by Patrón’s in-house team, as well as bartenders around the world.  Thanks to an interactive interface, Patrón Cocktail Lab tailors recommendations to each visitor to the site.

Consumers 21 and over can visit Patrón Cocktail Lab and find recipes for new and classic cocktails, and everything in between.  For more details on how to “Patrón the Summer” with unique cocktail recipes and where you can find Patrón throughout the country, please visit and

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