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Get Your Mom Laughing With “My Mother-In-Law is Worse”; The Ideal Mother’s Day Gift

Still trying the find the ideal gift for Mother’s Day? Best-selling author Hermine Hilton might have the answer with her new book; “My Mother-in-Law is Worse…”

When flowers just don’t cut it anymore, maybe a good laugh will. Her new book “My Mother-in-Law is Worse…” is filled with romance, sarcasm, and a whole lot of sassiness. If you or someone you know needs relief from the day to day life of being a mother, this salty and hilarious memoir is for sale now and can arrive just in time for Mother’s Day.

Amazon readers are already raving about it!

“Love this Book! Whether you are a wife, daughter-in-law or mother… you will be able to relate.” “From the moment I received this book, I could not stop laughing.”

My Mother-in-Law is Worse…” is a hilarious, snarky, and very real 3 part, 27 chapter memoir about best selling author Hermine Hilton’s true life as a mother and wife.



Hilton’s memoir “My Mother-in-Law is Worse…” details the personal life of this popular lyricist, known for her personality, famous wordsmithing and public speaking. But beneath the glamorous, public exterior we learn about her personal and family hardships. Not that this is a sad story, if anything, the complete opposite!

Anyone who knows Hermine Hilton, knows she’s a live wire; sassy, snarky, saucy and full of spice! As you read, you’ll spend your time giggling and falling out of you seat! Even at Ms. Hilton’s worst moments, she brings piercing humor… through this “How-NOT-to” series with her “hope this helps” lessons. With this book, you‘ll have many hilarious lessons from which to learn.

Hermine Hilton’s memoir “My Mother-in-Law is Worse…” is the perfect gift for Moms, Wives and the Girlfriends.

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More about Author Hermine Hilton:

Hermine Hilton, author of “The Executive Memory Guide” and “50 Ways to a Better Memory” is one of America’s most popular speakers and is known as “America’s Memory Motivator.”

She is the creator of SONIK Memory (the sound connection between what the ear hears and what the mind’s ear hears) and has introduced new memory improvement techniques to people of all ages throughout the world.

Hundreds or organizations, as diverse as NASA, the Departments of Justice and Defense, Hughes Aircraft, Correction Educators, Exxon, and The Navajo Nation, as well as numerous schools and universities, have utilized her expertise in teaching memory skills.

She is a frequent guest on radio and television and has appeared with David Letterman, Matt Lauer, Bryan Gumbel, Charlie Rose, and a host of other media personalities

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