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Popcorn’s best friend – Red Vines – Celebrates National Licorice Day with Movie Lovers Club Box

Popcorn’s best friend – Red Vines – Celebrates National Licorice Day with Movie Lovers Club Box

Movie buffs rejoice because popcorn’s best friend is taking the spotlight with National Licorice Day!

American Licorice Company, manufacturer of licorice since 1914 and owner of beloved RED VINES brand est. in 1952, is celebrating by bringing back their Movie Lovers Club Box, which features everything you need for the perfect movie night!

Each Movie Lovers Club Box contains fan favorite treats including (4) RED VINES® Original Red movie trays, (4) RED VINES® Grape Twists movie trays, (1) 6-foot Super Rope, (1) pack of Movie Trivia Cards, a Hollywood Clapboard Keychain, a RED VINES® custom Stein Mug and a kiss-cut Sticker!

Retailing for $19.99, the Movie Lovers Club Box is available to purchase on the American Licorice website,

To make things even sweeter, everyone will receive a FREE RED VINES® Original Red tray with any purchase throughout the month of April while supplies last.

To add on to the movie watching fun, starting April 12th fans can test their movie knowledge for a chance to win a box!

Answer the trivia questions correctly to reveal “The Entry Room” where entrants can submit to be one of the 10 lucky individuals to win a FREE Movie Lovers Club Box.

The giveaway will be open from April 12th -19th.

To send your submission and to learn more about the giveaway and the Movie Lovers Club Box, please visit

American Licorice Company has been creating delicious confections…

American Licorice Company has been creating delicious confections for over 100 years. Family-owned and operated since 1914, American Licorice is one of the original licorice manufacturers in the United States and one of the oldest candy companies in the industry.

American Licorice Company’s mission is to Invest in Happiness, and they have done so for generations of consumers who love the best-selling brand of licorice candy in the western United States, Red Vines candy.

In 1990, American Licorice was one of the first confectioners to break into the sour candy market with the launch of Sour Punch® candy.

Headquartered in La PorteIndiana, with a manufacturing facility in Union City, California, American Licorice is proud to create sweet (and sometimes sour!) moments for candy fans across the country and the globe.

Red Vines candy is the deliciously rewarding treat…

Red Vines candy is the deliciously rewarding treat that has been making special moments even sweeter for generations.

Always fat-free and made without preservatives, the Red Vines brand delivers an exceptional flavor that sets itself apart from the competition. Made in small batches, using artisanal techniques passed down through five generations, Red Vines candy has a rich heritage built on our dedication to consistent quality, flavor, and freshness.

Red Vines® candy has always brought people together to share life’s simple moments. Peace, Love and Vines guide our brand purpose to encourage sharing small, everyday acts of kindness with others.

Sharing is a natural extension of what people do with Red Vines, and we encourage you to pay it forward by sharing an act of kindness with someone else.

Whether you pick up a classic tray at the movie theater concession stand or pack up our timeless jar for a family picnic, Red Vines candy has been an essential part of celebrating life’s sweetest moments for decades. Like Red Vines, life is best when shared!

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