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Limited-Edition ‘Spirited Women’ Personalized Label from Maker’s Mark handmade Kentucky bourbon to support Vital Voices with renowned artist Gayle Kabaker

Limited-Edition Spirited Women Personalized Label from Maker’s Mark handmade Kentucky bourbon to support Vital Voices with renowned artist Gayle Kabaker

Maker’s Mark, the iconic handmade Kentucky bourbon, announces its support of Vital Voices, a leading nonprofit investing in female leaders taking on the world’s greatest challenges, with a limited-edition label designed by renowned artist Gayle Kabaker.

Limited-Edition 'Spirited Women' Personalized Label from Maker's Mark handmade Kentucky bourbon
Limited-Edition ‘Spirited Women’ Personalized Label from Maker’s Mark handmade Kentucky bourbon

In honor of Women’s History Month, consumers are invited to order the complimentary Maker’s Mark label at makersmarkpersonalize.com and personalize it with the name of an inspirational woman in their lives.

“Vital Voices is thrilled to join Maker’s Mark

in this collaboration to amplify the power of women,”

Alyse Nelson

President and CEO of Vital Voices.

“We deeply appreciate their support in our mission to advance women leaders and our world.”

Gayle Kabaker, a longstanding partner of Vital Voices, has a history of creating art that showcases women who use their power to empower others and was inspired to illuminate the organization with Maker’s Mark.

Kabaker’s limited-edition label depicts her interpretation of a spirited woman in acrylic gouache, inspired by the wildflowers of Kentucky and the colors of the Maker’s Mark palette.

“As a brand co-founded by my grandmother Margie Samuels more than 70 years ago, Maker’s Mark continues to be guided and grown by incredible women defining what’s next in the industry,” said Rob Samuels, Managing Director of Maker’s Mark and 8th generation whisky maker. “We are privileged to continue our commitment to women making an impact in their communities and support the meaningful causes that drive Vital Voices.”

While Bill Samuels, Sr., Margie’s husband and Maker’s Mark co-founder, was focused on creating the highest-quality bourbon, he celebrated and empowered Margie to build the brand and brand experience – forever changing the course of spirits branding in the industry.  The shape of the bottle, the look of the label, the signature red wax topper, and even the name are all thanks to Margie. Among the first women to be inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame, Margie also championed the importance of the Kentucky distillery’s aesthetic and emphasis on tourism, planting the seed for what is now the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

The ongoing contributions of women at Maker’s Mark can be seen in all aspects of the brand, from the product development and leadership of Star Hill Farm, the home of the Maker’s Mark Distillery, to the brand’s sustainability initiatives and global brand representation. While staying true to the founders’ flavor vision: a full-flavored, soft red winter wheat bourbon with a smooth finish, Maker’s Mark continues to shape the brand’s future through purposeful, flavor-driven innovation.

Throughout the year, consumers can create a custom Maker’s Mark gift for anyone with the brand’s personalized label program. Labels are currently available for 750mL bottles, which must be purchased separately and recipients must be 21+. For additional information about Maker’s Mark, please visit  www.MakersMark.com and share your personalized label at @makersmark on Instagram.

About Maker’s Mark®
In 1953, in Loretto, Ky. Bill Samuels, Sr., fulfilled his dream to create a handmade and delicious bourbon. He decided to make his whisky in small batches, using soft red winter wheat to enhance the softness and sweetness. He then rotated each barrel by hand for consistency and, finally, aged each barrel to taste. While he developed the bourbon, his wife Margie Samuels ideated the bourbon’s name and label, standout bottle shape, iconic and signature look that still involves hand-dipping each bottle in red wax to this day. Together as co-founders, Bill and Margie transformed bourbon from a “commodity” into a premium handmade spirit, and today Maker’s Mark® Kentucky Straight Bourbon continues to be crafted in the same, purposeful way.

In recent years, Maker’s Mark has introduced thoughtful, super-premium innovations to its portfolio, including Maker’s Mark 46®, Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength, Maker’s Mark® Private Selection and Maker’s Mark® Cellar Aged. Today, Maker’s Mark is the largest bourbon distillery in the world to achieve B Corp Certification and the first distillery to achieve Regenified certification, a reflection of the brand’s dedication towards building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. For more information, visit www.makersmark.com.

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