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Wild Florida proclaims two holidays: National Airboat Day & National Alligator Day

Wild Florida Airboats, Gator Park & Drive-thru Safari announces two new holidays for residents to celebrate:

National Airboat Day and National Alligator Day

People across the US can now celebrate National Airboat Day on February 19 and National Gator Day on May 29.

Recognizing the importance of alligators in Florida’s ecosystem and airboats’ ability to transport guests to view these commonly misunderstood creatures, Wild Florida has strived to bring more public awareness to these two subjects. Wild Florida has successfully registered National Airboat Day to be recognized on February 19 and National Alligator Day to be recognized on May 29 through National Day Archives. To celebrate this recognition, Wild Florida is offering locals and tourists 50% off all of their regular priced airboat tours on Friday, February 19. To redeem this great offer, guests only need to wish our team, “Happy Airboat Day,” when booking over the phone or in person.

“To all of us at Wild Florida, these two days go hand in hand,”

says Sam Haught co-owner of Wild Florida.

“It’s our mission to help people better understand alligators and the best way to go see them in the wild is aboard one of our airboats.”

For more than ten years, Wild Florida has offered various hands-on animal encounters and close-up eco-tours to help connect guests with Florida’s natural environment.

Airboats enable captains to take guests across swampy ecosystems and through small estuaries. One feature of airboats that makes them key to ecotourism is their ability to glide over land and water without damaging the environment. This feature also allows Wild Florida’s airboat captains to point out more than 80 different species of wildlife in the Everglades, such as the American alligator.

Wild Florida offers a variety of airboat tours that range from 30 minutes to one-hour, night to day, and private or controlled groups. All airboat excursions include admission to their Gator Park. In addition to airboat rides, Wild Florida offers interactive experiences, hands-on animal encounters, and adventure packages that let guests explore Florida’s natural wildlife. Learn more about Wild Florida’s offerings at

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