Providence Restarts Curbside Pickup for ‘Celebration of Black Truffle’ starting Dec 10


Beginning December 10th, Award-winning Chef Michael Cimarusti’s seminal restaurant Providence returns with curbside pickup to celebrate the beginning of black truffle season!

The menu begins with a leek and chanterelle mushroom tartlette flavored with Parmigiano Reggiano and black truffle.

Main course features Sonoma duck breast, Savoy cabbage farci with duck liver, served with a truffled duck jus.

Bread service, Chef Mac is making a rich brioche served with a side of truffle butter, and for dessert he’s created a traditional crème caramel, infused with fresh black truffle and finished with a final flourish of Maldon sea salt.

In addition to this week’s Black Truffle menu, Providence pantry items include signature black truffle brie, black or white truffle pasta kits, and other tasty items to take your cooking to new heights!

This time around, they are offering our menus from Thursday-Sunday, beginning next Thursday, December 10th. Order yours today before we sell out! Call us during business hours to place an order over the phone (323) 460-4170, or visit TOCK.

Award-winning Chef Michael Cimarusti’s seminal restaurant Providence, is completely dedicated to procuring the finest sustainable seafood—from regional coasts and international waters—and treats those ingredients with uncompromising respect and sophisticated technique. “First and foremost, what guides us here is sustainability,” Cimarusti says. “We use only wild-caught, sustainable products, mostly from American waters, and look to highlight their finest qualities.”