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Legendary Tower Records Returns As Website Selling Vinyl, Cassettes and more

Perhaps known as the most iconic entertainment retailer

Tower Records has returned in a new incarnation.

The entertainment hub which closed its stores nearly 14 years ago and declared bankruptcy, has now announced it has come back as an online service.

The refreshed Tower Records has online events, hosts the return of its Tower Pulse! magazine, a merchandise section, and, of course, plenty of music, including vinyl and cassette selections in many genres.

Founded in Sacramento in 1960 as a small section in a drug store, the chain grew to an global success based on the ingenuity of the late Russ Solomon, who was immortalized in a 2015 film, All Things Must Pass, which recounted the chain’s rise and eventual demise.

This refreshed online-only version of Tower Records was originally set to premiere at the 2020 South by Southwest, but paused when the event was closed by Covid-19.

Also, it was also expected to being promoted as a series of in-person pop-up shops. But that idea was also delayed by the coronavirus.

Danny Zeijdel, Tower Record’s new CEO, revealed the chain’s return:

“has been met with tremendous success, feedback.

A lot of people are so happy taking pictures of when they receive an order from Tower Records, posting it on Instagram.”

Known for its enormous inventory and passionate, expert staff, Tower Records was as much as culture as it was a business. The Sunset Boulevard store in Los Angeles became a place where celebrities shopped, fans came to soak in the vibe, and was a go-to stop for anyone interested in music.

Martin Teller
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