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Harmon Brothers Follows Up Musically-Driven, Mega-Hit Lumē Campaign with Musical Sequel

With over 70 million views on its 2018 campaigns with Harmon Brothers, and 10x growth in sales, natural deodorant brand Lumē doubles down on its first musically-driven hit with 1950s-style theme about unpleasant smells with “This deodorant cured my stanky pits, my husband’s funky junk, and my son’s stinky feet!”




 Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency behind “the greatest viral ad in internet history,” has earned national headlines, 1.5 billion + views and helped drive over $350 million in sales with its social blockbusters such as Squatty Potty, Purple, ChatBooks, FiberFix, Poo-Pourri,and Lumē. Today, Harmon Brothers released its second major campaign promoting Lumē Deodorant, a doctor-developed, aluminum free, natural deodorant for the whole body entitled “This deodorant cured my stanky pits, my husband’s funky junk, and my son’s stinky feet!” The first and earlier release in December 2018 was a huge success, racking up over 70 million views to date.

“I’ve always known, if you want to talk about taboo subjects like body odor, no one does it better than the Harmon Brothers. We were thrilled with the success of the first Lumē advertisement produced by their team, so I knew there had to be a Part 2,” said Dr. Shannon Klingman, Lumē Inventor and CEO. “We have the most effective aluminum free deodorant on the market today and the fact that you can use Lumē anywhere means we are defining a new category in hygiene. I am confident the new ad will continue to help women and men discover Lumē.”


Developed by Dr. Shannon Klingman, a gynecologist, Lumē is aluminum free, and made from naturally derived and skin-safe ingredients. It is a clinically-proven 72-hour odor control that can safely be used anywhere on a person’s body. Dr. Klingman said, “Lumē was born because, as an OBGYN, I saw how doctors were far too eager to prescribe antibiotics for day-to-day body odors below the belt. So, I dove into that odor causing reaction and created a product that stopped the stink above and below the belt.”

Lumē is so effective that in a head-to-head study against two natural deodorant leaders, Native and Schmidt’s, Lumē was proven to control odor six times longer than both. Lumē has helped women and men of all ages to prevent body odor. It’s made without aluminum, artificial fragrance oils or baking soda, meaning anyone can feel confident using it even on the most sensitive skin.

Sticking with the theme of the first Lumē ad, the latest Harmon Brothers spot follows the glamorous life of a woman who no longer struggles with body odor, due to Lumē. But rather than a musical number fit for Broadway, the lead character breaks into a catchy doo-wop, complete with a chorus of backup crooners. Harmon Brothers’ famous humor is interspersed throughout.


“This deodorant cured my stanky pits, my husband’s funky junk, and my son’s stinky feet!”





French Woman: Whitney Meek

Female Construction Worker: Natalie Killpack-Daniel

Male Construction Worker: Bryce Fernelius

Gym Guy: Tito Livas

Awkward Teen: Anson Bagley

Female Grocer (and reviewer): Kenna L Stewart

Career Woman: Megan Heaps

Surgeon: Brittany Andam

Tough Guy (and reviewer): Donnie Winter

Portly Man: Jordan Anderson

Old Lady: Bessie A Thornton

Man in wheelchair: Brady Snow

Bobbie: Bobbie lee

Trumpeter: Gabe Spencer

Waitress: Emily Tessa Ebert

Mailman: Luiz Laffey

Hip townswoman:  Summer Corry

Chef: Bennett Klingman

Sk8er Boi: Hunter McDermott

Diner Woman: Bailey Horne

Extra:     Blake Brust

Extra:     James Dayton

Extra:     Stacia Barton

Extra:     Emily McLean

Extra:     Moira McLean

Extra:     Kella McLean

Extra:    Enna McLean



Co-Director:    Nick Ritter

Co-Director:    Kaitlin Snow Seamons

Creative Director:    Kaitlin Snow Seamons

Co-Creative Director: Jonny Vance

UPM:    Tiffani Barth

Producer: Josh Stofferahn

1st AD: Sohrab Mirmont

2nd AD: Matt Tucker

DP: Tyler Stevens

1st AC: Paul Green

2nd AC: Kevin Lyde

Stedi Cam: Scott Warren

Scripty: Brandon Cummings

Dit/Asst Edit    : Blake Brust

Gaffer: Phil Shepherd

Key Grip: Kevin Woodward

Grip: Dan Haskell

Grip: Brian Shepherd

Art Director:    Dillon Ellefson

Set Decorator: Gabe Jessop

Greens-person: Joe DeCicco

Construction / Facade, Set Mover: Jean Roush

Hair and Makeup: Cynthia Shelly

HMU Assistant: Tori Valdez

Wardrobe: Kacie Seamons

Wardrobe Assistant: Jerika Hermansen

Sound: Evan Anderson

Craft:    Fat Boy Catering

Dance Choreography: Jennifer Tingey

Location Manager: Adam Bohl

Teleprompter Op/Playback: Wes Curtin

BTS: Gibson Smith

VFX Supervisor: Bryson Alley

PA #1: Kat Holbrook

PA #2    : Logan Nielsen

Casting Agent: Ben Cummins

Lead Writer: Dave Vance

Writer: Whitney Meek

Writer    : Kelly Vrooman

Writer: Natalie Madsen

Music Composition: Dave Vance

Music Orchestration:Michael Vance

Music Director:Peter Murray

Music Recording & Mixing: Scott Wiley

Whitney Meek – Lead Vocals

Peter Murray – Music Supervisor, Piano

Becca Moench – Contractor

Carolyn Scott – Soprano

Amanda Ritter – Alto

Bennett Klingman- Tenor

Kelly DeHaan – Bass

Aaron Ashton – Violin

John Shin – Violin

Emily Brown – Viola

Nicole Pinnell – Cello

Scott Wiley – ElectricBass

Austie Robinson – Trumpet

Will Kimball – Trombone

Derek Crane – Tenor Saxophone

[Brandon Cummings- Drums

Post Production Supervisor: Bryson Alley

Editor: Nick Ritter

Graphic Designer:    Mike Henderson

Lead Animator: Bryson Alley

Animator: Gibson Smith

Animator: Tyler Stevens

VFX Lead Artist: Bryson Alley

VFX Artist: Bryan Fugal

Finishing Editor: Bryson Alley

Finishing Editor: Kaitln Snow Seamons

Subtitles: Blake Brust

Colorist: Tyler Stevens

Sound Mixer/Designer: Stephen Henderson

The Harmon Brothers is a Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the most viral ad in internet history. Since 2013, the company has created nearly 20 groundbreaking, distinctive social media spots, which collectively have over 1.5 billion views and helped drive over $350 million in sales.



Lumē is all natural, clinically-proven, 72-hour odor control you can use anywhere on your body. Lumē has helped women and men of all ages to prevent body odor. It’s made without aluminum, artificial fragrance oils, or baking soda, so you can feel confident using it even on your most sensitive skin. www.Lume.Love

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