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Hollywood’s The Academy Museum slated for 2020 with a familiar twist

With the opening date of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures pushed back well into 2020, and Museum Director Kerry Brougher at last pushed out following five years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been anxious to locate its white knight. Presently, after a thorough overall quest for somebody who can fill in as a pledge driver, supervisor, and master-of-all, the Academy trusts it has discovered its friend in need.

Bill Kramer, who will begin managing the gallery as its director January 1, has a long history with the Academy Motion Picture Museum. Employed as the Academy Museum’s managing director of development and external relations in 2012, he brought $250 million up in assets that were fundamental to getting the task going. He proceeded to shepherd the exhibition hall through the complex Los Angeles City Council endorsement process before leaving in 2016 to work with The Brooklyn Academy of Music as its VP of development, where he drove a 45-person group entrusted with raising private and government financing, overseeing a visual art expansion program, and growing BAM’s film program..

For what reason did Kramer leave in any case? Sources state he needed to assume control over the entire gallery venture, however in those days AMPAS CEO Dawn Hudson and the Board of Governors viewed Kramer as only a fundraiser. Nonetheless, he was more than that: During his time at the gallery, Kramer filled in as as the chief planning, public relations, advancement, exhibitions, and government relations officer for the museum’s pre-construction phase, and oversaw production of the museum’s first exhibition, Hollywood Costume, which welcomed more than 78,000 visitors.


They stayed with Brougher and his group, alongside celebrated architect Renzo Piano’s aspiring outside and inside structures. Cost overruns, funding deficits, and chaos ensued.For a considerable length of time, the Academy abstained from relinquishing Brougher, who had his very own thoughts regarding what the Academy Museum ought to be, mostly on the grounds that they would not like to damage raising money endeavors. Following five years at work, he left on August 5 (he was named the museum’s founding director). Furthermore, the Academy charmed back the man who had desired the job initially.

Presently Kramer will supervise the last phases of the 300,000 square-foot motion picture gallery at the side of Fairfax and Wilshire to observe Hollywood past, present, and future. The opening of the Academy Museum, at a revealed expense of $388 million and tallying, has been delayed again and again. First reported in 2012 as coming in 2017, the historical center opening was moved to 2018, at that point December 2019. At of time of publishing, it will open at some point in 2020.

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