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Health Series: 50 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less (1 of 4)

Want to relax in 5 minutes or less? The answer to this question must be ‘YES,’ as in today’s hectic schedule almost every individual craves to be relaxed.

Every day you will get a lot of emails in your inbox. From meetings to completing the project on the timeline, there is no time to relax! Right? Now think, relaxing for a weekend at a beach resort that calms your nerves. Even the thought of this session can make you amazed. However, not everyone has time to tan, eat, and sleep. But here we have gathered 40 ways that can help you to do so. Let’s dive in…

Food & Drink

  1. There are many foods and drinks that can make you relaxed. Here are those items.

Green Tea which is a source of L-Theanine helps in relieving anger.

  1. Dark Chocolate Nosh that calms nerves and regulates stress hormone cortisol and stabilized metabolism
  2. Try a spoonful of honey to reduce inflammation in the brain, along with fighting anxiety and depression
  3. Peel, slice and have a mango that comes with linalool which reduces the stress level

Juicy, minty and fruity bubble gum flavor that lowers cortisol levels and reduce anxiety. Much a crunchy snack when you are stressed

Get Inner peace

By laying your head on cushion or pillow for a few minutes you can get on the road of relaxation. When you lay your head on a cushion, it will help you suck all your worries. Try it!

6.  Don’t forget to breathe

Slow, deep breaths are very effective and can lower heart rate and blood pressure. If you have fancy noses, try pranayama breathing, which is a yogic method in which you breathe through nostril to get rid of anxiety.

7.  Meditate

Find a comfortable place, concentrate on your breath and see how anxieties go away.

8.  Count backward

When worries and anxieties are burdening on you, its time to relax it by counting to 10 and then back again.

9.  Try Progressive Relaxation

This type of relaxation involves tensing the body’s muscles part at a time to achieve a calm state. It also helps you in fall asleep.

10.  Creative Visualization can help!

Daydream, which is also known as Creative Visualization involves thinking of anything that makes you happy.

11. Shut your eyes

Once James Taylor said, You can close your eyes and it’s all right! So, to get a break, use this formula and see to you regain calm and focus.

Elizabeth Delphin
Elizabeth Delphin loves a good time! A fun concert, a good dinner out with friends, those weird artsy-fartsy festivals. If she's not at the office or at home, she's likely walking her dog Milo at Runyon Canyon (seriously, sometimes she goes 2-3 times a day).


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