Universal Pics, Dreamworks, The Mill Invite YOU to Free Augmented Reality Experience of ‘Welcome To Marwen’


Unlike any film seen before, Welcome to Marwen is based on the miraculous true story of Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell), an illustrator who, after a violent attack that shatters his body and his memories, heals himself through the power of his artistic imagination.

Putting together the pieces from his old and new life, Mark meticulously creates a mythical Belgian town, Marwen, where he can be Captain Hogie, a World War II fighter pilot. In Marwen, Mark can be a hero, fight his enemies, and rely on his friends. As he builds and then photographs an astonishing art installation peopled with breathtakingly life-like dolls and action-figures, he draws strength from his fantasy world to triumph in the real world.

The Welcome to Marwen AR Experience

  • Download the Welcome to Marwen AR App for free on your mobile device.
  • Watch an introduction to the app from legendary filmmaker Robert Zemeckis.
  • The app will transport fans into the first-ever 3-D digital recreation of a movie scene.
  • Meet the characters and explore the environment.
  • Take a photo inside Marwen and share it on your social media accounts as a digital postcard.
  • Check out photo galleries, character bios and behind-the-scenes content