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Annie Leibovitz The Biggest Star Behind The Golden Door’s New Celebrity Campaign

Golden Door. (PRNewsFoto/Golden Door Properties, LLC)

Two icons come together in a fresh new campaign that transcends the destination spa category: Golden Door, the iconic luxury retreat long favored by old and new Hollywood, and Annie Leibovitz, the iconic photographer of our times and designated Living Legend.

“Annie is a master storyteller who captures her subject’s inner essence with striking insight and humanity,” says Kathy Van Ness, COO of Golden Door. “Her artistic vision aligns so well with our mission here at Golden Door. We were absolutely ecstatic when she signed on to do it.”

Each ad in Golden Door’s “Human Again” campaign features well-known guests who tell first person stories of profound personal transformation sparked by their experiences at the luxury retreat. While Golden Door has always elevated the concept of retreat to a higher level, the message here is that no matter whom you are, the greatest luxury of all is becoming human again.


The guests featured are entertainment mogul, Chaz Ebert, a guest at Golden Door 70+ times; wine entrepreneur Pavi Micheli Lawson, 22 times; culinary power couple Chef Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre, 6 times; and TV fashion and style arbiter, Joe Zee, 2 times.

Says celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre, “Shooting with Annie at Golden Door, the one place that brings an immediate sense of calm the minute you walk through that door, was definitely the best experience I ever had in front of the camera. When Annie Leibovitz tells you to do something, you trust her and you do it, even if it is to take your shirt off.”

The campaign was developed by LA-based Grace Creative, a boutique agency dedicated to marketing to women. The “Human Again” campaign launched July 18th with full-page spread ads in The Hollywood Reporter, and will include outdoor, digital and social media.

SOURCE Golden Door

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