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Improve Your Son Or Daughter’s Memory With ‘The Memory 100’ – The Perfect Graduation Gift

Are you worried about your son or daughter’s memory? Do they seem to be very forgetful? Are they constantly not remembering where they leave things or forget about appointments and due dates?


No matter what age they are, completing an academic year or program of study is an accomplishment worthy of praise and celebration. Cap off the proud moment with the ideal graduation gift, such as best-selling author Hermine Hilton’s new book “The Memory 100”.

Just in time for graduation, “The Memory 100” is an easy to read, memory improvement book available for sale now.

Amazon readers are already raving about it!

“Her breakdown of memory makes it easy to understand…” “It is a surprisingly easy read. I used it at first for reference… then paged through it for more. …Highly recommend!”

Globally-known as “America’s Memory Motivator”, Author Hermine Hilton is back with her newest book, “The Memory 100.” This quick read follows through 100 popular memory concerns and Hilton addresses each with a helpful and friendly solution.

You’ll learn the WHY of it – the HOW of it – and WHAT you can do about it. THE MEMORY 100 is definitely the one minute manager for your memory. Topics range from nutrition, to aging, to sex, to education, to dementia and much more!

Throughout the 10 chapters, readers learn:

  • Which foods help improve your memory
  • Tips to remember names
  • Whether more sex (or more sleep) will help your memory more
  • And the most important advice for memory strengthening!

So this graduation season, think about the memories you want to admire with your children forever before they venture off into the next phase of there life.


For more information and purchase:

More about Author Hermine Hilton:

Hermine Hilton, author of “The Executive Memory Guide” and “50 Ways to a Better Memory” is one of America’s most popular speakers and is known as “America’s Memory Motivator.”

She is the creator of SONIK Memory (the sound connection between what the ear hears and what the mind’s ear hears) and has introduced new memory improvement techniques to people of all ages throughout the world.

Hundreds or organizations, as diverse as NASA, the Departments of Justice and Defense, Hughes Aircraft, Correction Educators, Exxon, and The Navajo Nation, as well as numerous schools and universities, have utilized her expertise in teaching memory skills.

She is a frequent guest on radio and television and has appeared with David Letterman, Matt Lauer, Bryan Gumbel, Charlie Rose, and a host of other media personalities.



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