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Newly Released Book “When Hope Is Your Only Option” Gives Hope Through Life’s Adversities

When Hope Is Your Only Option Adversity

There’s no how-to guide to getting through life’s toughest and most unpredictable adversities—from health challenges and professional losses, to addiction and breakups—but a newly released book by Jim Stavis comes pretty close. When Hope Is Your Only Option, now available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, details Jim’s personal journey and shows how hope can get you through almost anything.

Stavis knows the topic of overcoming adversity all too well. He was diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes at age 17 and told that he faced a shortened lifespan. Instead of focusing on the possibility that his life would end before it began, Stavis chose to tackle his medical issues, resulting from the effects of his disease, head on—using hope and positivity as warriors in his fight.

Fueled by this attitude, Jim persevered to become a husband, father and grandfather and owner of a successful steel distribution company, Paragon Steel. Along the way, Stavis nearly lost his battle several times before receiving the rare triple organ (heart, kidney and pancreas) transplant that saved his life.

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Through a series of personal stories, Stavis shares how he not only survived but flourished. “My journey leading up to a triple organ transplant is a unique one,” says Stavis, who previously produced the award-winning documentary, Source of Hope, about his transplant.

“Most people will never be confronted by such a set of circumstances. However, you have probably experienced your own unique adversities.”

When Hope Is Your Only Option lends powerful insights on achievement paired with loss, accomplishment paired with adversity and overcoming all the odds. It is about having faith that in all things, even the most challenging, you can learn and gain something important. It begins with the hope and belief that you can get through anything.

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Jim is an ambassador for Donate Life and One Legacy to help promote organ donation. Part of his book proceeds will support these organizations.

Learn more at In addition to an author, Stavis is a sought-after speaker on topics related to hope through adversity. Learn more at Also, follow Stavis on Facebook here.

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