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SnapAR ‘Augmented Reality Video Messenger’ available on the Apple App Store

SnapAR App Icon (PRNewsfoto/Driven Catalyst, LLC)
SnapAR App Icon (PRNewsfoto/Driven Catalyst, LLC)

SnapAR, available now for free, enables you to send a recorded hologram to friends and family and appear in the real world, right in their home. Through the magic of Augmented Reality (AR), connect with friends and family in a new and exciting way.

Download the app:

Share your AR video messages from the app and the recipient gets the message with the full AR experience. Wishing someone Happy Birthday? Use the birthday theme and your message will include dancing presents and balloons! Unlike other message apps, SnapAR uses the video you capture and makes it appear in the room along with your selected theme. Record your child singing Happy Birthday with SnapAR, then share it with Grandma – she will see them singing right in the room with her.

SnapAR makes sharing easy. Using a text, or your favorite messaging service, share a message with your friends and family, all from within the app. Privacy is important for these kinds of memories, so all SnapAR messages are shared privately, and you are always in control of who has access. Simply remove someone from the share list and your message will be removed from their list.

“Families aren’t always able to be together,” explains Joe Bibby, Chief Creative Officer for Driven Catalyst, LLC, creators of SnapAR. “We wanted to build an app that enabled families and friends to stay better connected from across the country and the world. This puts them right in your home, with you, in a way that’s never been done before.”

SnapAR is free to download, and includes one theme for free. Each additional theme is available as an in-app-purchase for only $0.99.

“In the next major release we want to make SnapAR even more engaging and personal. New interactive stickers will promote a playful back and forth for a more conversational experience,” said Joe Bibby.

SnapAR was created by the team at Driven Catalyst, LLC based in Houston, Texas. Driven Catalyst is a software development company focused on bringing Augmented Reality to consumers and businesses.

SOURCE Driven Catalyst, LLC

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