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Female-Founded Quantum Storey® to Co-sponsor Innovation Zone

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The future of books is here, and it is coming to Bentonville.  Quantum Storey®, the company that developed the world’s first platform to power virtual reality books, recently launched exclusively at Walmart a series for middle readers called Operation YOU®.  Designed to build on all children’s innate attraction to technology – and to spark girls’ engagement in particular – Operation YOU is a perfect match for the mission and audience of the Bentonville Film Festival (BFF).

Co-founded by Academy Award winner Geena Davis and Inclusion Companies CEO Trevor Drinkwater, with founding sponsor Walmart and presenting sponsor Coca-Cola, BFF is a one-of-a-kind annual event that champions inclusion in all forms of media – including the emerging technology found in the Quantum Storey platform.

A “Quantum Storey” combines traditional print with the immersion of AR and VR to drive reader engagement, drawing young readers into stories in ways that are completely intuitive to them.  The first book in the Operation YOU series, Morning Nightmare, takes on bullying as a central theme.

Girls and boys are encouraged to strengthen and build essential skills between the pages and beyond. Quantum Storey’s patented technology draws the reader further into the book to “live the story” – fully immersed in a safe virtual world – so they will be more prepared to make life decisions under the demands and social pressures of the real world.


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The Operation YOU plot elements reinforce that ethnicity and gender do not determine aptitude; instead, it is developed through effort, practice, and persistence. “We aim to normalize diversity and individuality through these stories with a range of characters and role models, shaping the aspirations of youth and adults alike,” says J. M. Haines, founder of The Quantum Storey Company and author of the Operation YOU series.

In addition to taking on bullying directly in Morning Nightmare, children meet Ray, a 15-year-old role model. In the storyline, Ray completed her Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics specializing in quantum field theory (QFT). Positive role models are indeed a significant predictor of interest and success in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for girls, and this is one way Haines uses her storytelling to foster the development of young girls in technology.

A recent study by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has revealed that toys with a STEM focus were three times as likely to be targeted at boys than girls.

“To attract girls to study STEM subjects, we need to first tackle the stereotypes in mainstream media.  Our advertising, products, and entertainment must include positive messages and diverse and compelling STEM images,” stated Haines.

The Festival will offer interactive event areas around Downtown Bentonville, highlighted by the innovation-focused STEAM Zone, co-sponsored by Quantum Storey.

SOURCE The Quantum Storey Company

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