Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Magician Simon Pierro brings Halloween via iPad [VIDEO]

It's Halloween weekend and we have even more scares in store for you!  Master magician Simon Pierro returns with his trusted ipad to show us more...

Halloween Producer Scares-Up Org to Benefit Youth

Halloween is known for terrifying chills, screams and howls.  Horror movies often depict teenagers running for their lives from nightmarish ghouls and a bloodbath...

Last-Minute Halloween Help [MUSIC]

We get it, don't worry.  You're hung over.  And that's just from the pre-Halloween parties.  But now it's Halloween.  You're spent.  Your body currently...

KFC Colonel Sanders: It’s Almost Halloween

Halloween is this weekend and you don't have a costume, do you?  Every lady friend you know is using the excuse to slutty-up.  And...



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