Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Sunday in Santa Barbara: Paradise Cafe and Plum Goods

There’s no better way to spend a Sunday than idly strolling down State Street in Santa Barbara and perusing the shops. With my family...

Saturday Night: Tar Pit and Swinger Crawl

On a Saturday night I had two options: continue to stare blankly at the ceiling while listening to Van Morrison or throw money to...

Visiting LACMA: Jazz on Fridays

I enjoy going to museums. I took an art history class in college. Believe me, I can appreciate art. Mention modern art to me,...

Cafe Fiore in Ventura [REVIEW]

Cafe Fiore, located in downtown Ventura, is an elegant spot known for rustic Italian cuisine with a Southern flare. The first drink I ordered when...

Dodger Days: Dodgers VS Giants

The Los Angeles Dodgers opened their Major League Baseball season by hosting the San Francisco Giants April 1-3. It was a sea of blue, which...



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