Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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PREVIEW: Variety's 3D Entertainment Summit Sept 15, 16

Over 48 hours in September, trade leader Variety will host a treasure trove of the entertainment industry's key players at Los Angeles' Universal City...

3D Gaming Summit – Bono Begs for 3D

This it out of order, I apologize,  Truth be told, this was my very first experience as I entered Variety's 3D Gaming Summit last...

3D Gaming Summit – Gunnar is Cool Like That [video]

Gunnar’s tagline is “Extraordinary people living the ultimate digital life.”  After spending some time with them, it seems pretty accurate.  High-technology,  super-advanced, they don’t...

3D Gaming Summit – Lunch with 3D Director Paul W.S. Anderson

A confession.  I'm not a big fan of Paul W. S. Anderson’s work.  And I’m not the only one.  His stories are often muddled...

3D Gaming Summit Begins – Life in three dimensions

The 3D Gaming Summit took place at Universal City’s Hilton in Los Angeles.  Some of the world’s brightest 3D centric minds came together to...



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