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Joe Wehinger has Your Business’s Plan to stay busy this Holiday Season

Typically winter is the slowest season for service professionals.  Families are adjusting their budgets towards the holidays and gift-giving.

Traditionally, many service companies try to solve this by paying to get more listings on service directories, like homeadvisor, next door, and others.

But United Digital & Associates’ founder Joe Wehinger has better ideas for you. 

His ideas deliver the results your business needs not only to survive slow times, but to thrive at any time.

“Personally, I am not a fan of these companies that try to bury me in the google search results…

…and then I have to pay even more for additional leads that I would have already gotten directly.  So, no.  I don’t rely on service directories.”

Joe Wehinger’s company helps businesses with their marketing and sales, so he relies on the same strategies for his own company that he uses so successfully for others.

“I have a 3-step strategy that works incredibly well and

brings results on demand.”

The three steps are: 

  • The T9 Launch targets your ideal audience and gets them excited
  • The Sales Machine gets them lined up and ready to buy
  • The Insta-Horizon creates trust and loyalty.

And it works like magic.  Except this is very real.

“A few weeks ago a Beverly Hills business owner called my cell.  He was in disbelief.  We just launched the Insta-Horizon for him.  He had a meeting with a prospect a few days earlier and the prospect called right back after seeing the business’s messaging everywhere.  That one call paid for his entire campaign expense.  He happily renewed immediately.” 

Wehinger uses those same social media marketing and digital marketing tactics to drive a solid stream of new customers throughout the spring and summer and continues all year long, especially through the fall and winter.

“My strategy finds your ideal customers, helps them discover your business and then organically encourages them to become a loyal customer.”

While all the other service-based companies often find themselves fighting over a handful of the same cold leads, the United Digital strategy has hot leads calling businesses directly. 

Wehinger laughs:

“For sure, I grab our leads before they even get to Google.”

Your company may not have a plan for keeping your calendar booked during the upcoming slow season, but you need to.  The right digital marketing campaign can not only save your business quickly), but creates on-going results to create a drive for months and years in the future.

Visit Joe Wehinger’s United Digital & Associates company website here.

Book a conversation to dramatically improve your business at any time of year here.


Diane Borget
Diane Borget's family moved to San Diego from Philadelphia just before her high school years and she has never recovered from the social ostracizing ;) She enjoys concerts, dinners, and any group settings :) Thank you for reading!
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