Mitzi Shore’s Death: Hollywood Comedy Community Reacts


Mitzi Shore The Comedy Store Los Angeles

Jim Carrey, who cut his teeth with his genius physical impressions of Clint Eastwood, Bruce Dern, Henry Fonda and E.T. at the Comedy Store on his way to blockbuster stardom, has tweeted out his condolences and a painting of himself with Mitzi Shore.

Carrey writes, “The great Mitzi Shore, owner of the famous Comedy Store, has passed away. No words can express the gratitude I have for her. We met in 1979. She opened the door to my dreams! If she loved you, you did well. If she didn’t, you did something else. I will love her forever. ;^)”

Comedians young and old are pouring their hearts out today as their godmother, Comedy Store owner Mitzi Shore, has passed away at the age of 87. In the near 46 years of the Comedy Store, not only did Shore provide a mic and a stage for those looking to break through on the comedy scene, but a crash pad at the nearby 8420 Cresthill Road house, not to mention her advice and insight on the craft and showbiz were priceless (Marc Maron tweets today that she advised him “You’re a poet.

You should wear a scarf on stage.”) and sometimes the truth hurt (In Judd Apatow’s recent HBO documentary The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling Part 1, the late comedian and his peers recall how Shore had a belief that there was a difference between writers and stand-ups, and only the latter would take the stage, something that Shandling grappled with).

Jim Carrey tells Apatow in that doc that the vibe of The Comedy Store in its heyday was, “a magical gateway to all your dreams and you’re seeing people get their dreams all the time. You’re seeing them rise out of this dark, dingy place.”

Eddie Griffin adds in a tweet, “She got me off the streets gave me a place to stay I worked 2 jobs; doorman & paid comic.”