‘Will & Grace’ Showrunner Donates John Oliver’s Marlon Bundo Book


A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo

Will & Grace showrunner Max Mutchnick loves John Oliver’s A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo children’s book. So much so, that he’s decided to donate the book to every grammar school in Indiana.

In a tweet, Mutchnick writes that he was “blown away” by the book. In a letter addressed to “Every Grammar School Library in Indiana,” he begins by saying “I would like to donate this copy of A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo to your library.

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After hearing about the book, I brought it home and read it to my twin daughters. It’s a poignant story about how love and community can rise above intolerance.”

A Day In the Life of Marlon Bundo is an LGBTQ-friendly parody of Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President, written by the daughter of Vice President and former Indiana Governor Mike Pence and illustrated by his wife. Oliver’s A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo is about Pence’s bunny falling in love with another male bunny and getting married.

“My grammar school library was something I always remembered as a safe haven,” Mutchnick continues. “Books allow children to dream and hope, but you know that already. Thanks to libraries and librarians like you, storytelling not only became my passion — it also became my profession. I hope your students enjoy this book as much as my family and I did.” Signed Sincerely, Max Mutchnick.