Santa Clarita Residents Answer Call To Support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Play-Doh Donation CHLA

Over 1,500 containers of the classic modeling clay were delivered to Hernandez’s doorstep after she reached out to the community through a post on social media.

Hernandez made a Facebook post earlier this month stating, “Looking for some Play-Doh donations. My daughter is a patient at CHLA and their therapy dept is in need of Play-Doh. Please let me know if you can help.”

In just under two weeks, Hernandez managed to bring in nearly 2,000 containers of Play-Doh that would be used during therapy sessions at the children’s hospital.

The post sparked a huge response of support from Santa Clarita residents and surrounding areas, all promising to answer Hernandez’s call.

Numerous residents of the Santa Clarita valley responded to Hernandez’s post, asking her where they can send their donations.

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Andrea Clark, one of the many Santa Clarita residents who made donations, described Hernandez as a person of action that makes it easy for others to follow her lead.

“She’s one of those doers,” said Clark. “A lot of people want to help but don’t know how to act. When she sees a need, she takes action.”

Brooklyn, Hernandez’s daughter, has been a patient at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for just over three years. She had her first operation there when she was just 6 months old after being born with a condition called Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation.

Since then, Hernandez has developed a relationship with the staff and patients, and noted she would do anything she can to give back.

“It means the world to me that we can provide any support that they need,” said Hernandez. “It feels good to give back. I personally have to focus on doing positive things, because if I sat and dwelled on my daughter’s illness all of my days, I would be one very unhappy person.

Therapists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles received the Play-Doh donations Tuesday afternoon, and were surprised with a trunk-load of support.

“Our patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles use Play-Doh every day,” said Rosby Lamm, manager of volunteer services. “We go through more than 1,000 cans per month. We also give it to the children being treated at our outpatient clinics as well. We encourage Play-Doh donations – they are fantastic.”

Hernandez started with a goal of acquiring just 500 containers, but met that goal, so she increased it to 1,000.

After making a toy donation to the hospital, the therapy department mentioned a need for Play-Doh, so Hernandez eagerly took on the challenge.

SOURCE: (Hometown Station)