Have 5 Minutes To Spare? Try This Full Body Burn Workout


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Picture Courtesy Of BUF Girls

We get it. It’s the Easter long weekend and all you want to do is chill the f*ck out. You’ve got places to be and people to see, and the last thing on your mind is working out. But what if we told you we’ve got just the thing that’ll let you squeeze in quick sweat sesh and still leave you with enough time to do whatever you need to do (even if that’s absolutely nothing at all which may or may not involve chocolate).

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The BUF Girls have created this ‘Full Body Burn’ workout that’ll get your body moving and your heart racing in a flash. The best part? It requires zero equipment, so all you need to do is roll out your mat and get going. Be sure to watch the video below and keep scrolling for help on how to perform each move properly!

Drop Squat To Reach

Keep weight in the heels as you drop into the squat. Keep chest proud and pull belly button in towards the spine. Reach finger tips towards opposite toes as you drop.

Squat hold

Chest proud, sit down on an imaginary chair.

Plank Jack + Squat Thrusts

Bodyweight over wrists. Strong body, squeeze butt, pull belly button up towards spine. Drive knees in towards chest and tap feet quickly under body and then return quickly back to plank.

Jump Lunges

Drop back knee as close to ground as possible. Shoulder blades back and down the body with chest open but with a slight lean forward.

Cross Star Jumps

Cross feet over as the arms come down beside your body.


Lift the shoulder blade off the ground as you reach across past the opposite leg. Legs stay straight and elevated off the ground at all times.

V Sit hold

Palms facing the sky. Open up through the chest and keep shoulders blades back and down the body.

(Source) Sporteluxe