Jimmy Fallon And Will Smith Perform History Of Sitcom Theme Songs


Jimmy Fallon | Will Smith | Tonight Show

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon performed the history of sitcom theme songs on the Tonight Show.

Members of the studio audience seemed to love it, though many of these series are older than some of them; the oldest theme song, for The Andy Griffith Show, was seen by TV/YouTube viewers in black and white.

This naturally led to some debate as to which sitcoms these theme songs hailed from.

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One serious student of TV noted on Tonight Show‘s YouTube page:

“For the lazy ones: The Golden Girls, The Jeffersons, Diff’rent Strokes, Good Times, The Andy Griffith Show, I Dream of Jeannie, Full House, The Greatest American Hero, Martin, Three’s Company, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

But USA Today and ET noted Dave’s World theme song was in the mix. All agreed the medley wrapped with the theme for Smith’s 1990s NBC sitcom, written and performed by Smith.

And, based on impassioned comments on the video’s YouTube page, producers maybe should have reconsidered their decision not to include the theme song from NBC’s hit, Friends.