‘Black Panther’ Tops $1.2B WW & Pushes Disney Past $1B


Black Panther Worldwide Box Offices

Disney/Marvel’s continuing marvel, Black Panther, has become the 14th film to cross $1.2B worldwide. And as if that weren’t enough, T’Challa’s Wednesday gross of $3M overseas lifted the Walt Disney Studios 2018 international box office past $1B.

The Ryan Coogler-helmed superhero movie is at $590.4M international and $612.1M domestic for $1,202.5M global through Wednesday. The gap is closing on what ultimately should be a roughly 50-50 split overseas versus domestic, with the latter in the lead. This was expected. Despite Marvel movies typically earning more from offshore, BP simply has been a domestic phenomenon.

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The international leader is China, with $99.2M through Wednesday. BP didn’t set the Middle Kingdom on fire, and online sentiment dinged it there, but getting to $100M in the Middle Kingdom is in the cards in the coming days, and that milestone for a standalone is nothing to sniff at.

Overall internationally, the Wakanda warrior is running 34% above Doctor Strange, 25% above Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and is throwing down a hammer that’s 11% mightier than Thor: Ragnarok.

The Top 5 oversal markets for Black Panther to date are China ($99.2M), the UK ($60.6M), Korea ($42.7M), Brazil ($33.2M) and France ($29M).