‘A Quiet Place’ Gets Loud On Social Media Post SXSW Premiere


A Quiet Place

Much like Sony with Baby Driver at last year’s SXSW, Paramount truly has something special with John Krasinski’s: A Quiet Place.

While Baby Driver turned the car chase action film into a ballet, A Quiet Place redefines the horror thriller as a silent movie, accentuated by a riveting sound design.

Coming out of SXSW, the pic which teams Krasinski with wife Emily Blunt for the first time ever, has seen a 5M spike in its social media universe over the last week for a total online footprint across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that’s close to 52M.

By comparison, A Quiet Place‘s SMU outstrips that of Get Out‘s (46.9M). A Quiet Place‘s social media growth is spiking by 1.8M daily with three weeks left until its April 6 release. Most of that growth is credited to 4.1M views on YouTube, of which the top spots are generating 58.3k views per day “which is strong” according to social media monitor RelishMix.Facebook page likes for A Quiet Place were adding 80-100 fans a day prior to last Friday’s premiere, and they’ve now bounced by 20X to 1,8K a day. Meanwhile, Twitter hashtags for #AQuietPlace and @QuietPlaceMovie moved to 2,6K unique posts per day, a 12X lift post premiere.

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John Krasinski, the film’s social media star, is adding 13.6k new fans a day on his Instagram, and recently clicked past the 1M mark with a total SMU across FB, Instagram and Twitter of 2.7M.

Already A Quiet Place boasts 100% on Rotten Tomatoes; a score that Baby Driver landed post SXSW a year ago. Sony leveraged that number in their trailers taking that $30M budgeted pic to $20.5M three-day, $30M five-day opening, and a domestic final of $107.8M. A Quiet Place cost less than Baby Driver at a reported estimated $17M and it hit tracking this morning with an early $20M+ projected opening.