Tracy Morgan On How ‘The Last O.G’ Is An Ode To His Background

Tracy Morgan The Last OG

Tracy Morgan The Last OG

Tracy Morgan is making his sitcom comeback since his 2014 New Jersey car accident with his latest series, The Last O.G., starring alongside Tiffany Haddish and Cedric The Entertainer. Before the SXSW premiere, Morgan, Haddish, and The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone, who directed the pilot, stopped by the Deadline Studio.

“The origins are my life, my background. These are people that I have known,” said Morgan on what inspired the show’s premise. “It’s a story that’s never been told. This is a story that’s partially of my life.”

The series picks up with Tray (Morgan) fresh out of prison after serving 15 years for selling crack and finding his former girlfriend, Shay (Haddish), happily married to a white guy (Ryan Gaul) and raising the twins she and Tray had together. Tray is shocked to see just how much the world and his now-gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood has changed during his 15-year stint behind bars.

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Morgan expounded that his character was inspired by his late childhood friend who he once sold drugs with before hitting it big in entertainment.

“My friend, who I sold crack with back in the days before this life… this is basically the story about me and his childhood growing up.”

He also dedicated the show to James McNair, comedian and Morgan’s collaborator, who died when the vehicle he and Tracy shared was struck by a Wal-mart truck, which resulted in the six-vehicle crash.

“My O.G was my friend that died in my accident. He was a 62-year-old man at the time. He would give me gave me a lot of advice. He was the very first person. I’ve ever met and showbusiness, Jimmy Mac. This show is dedicated to him and my Dad, who is my first O.G.”

Jordan Peele executive produces the series alongside Morgan, Patterson, Eric Tannebaum, Kim Tannenbaum and Joel Zadak.

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The Last O.G. premieres April 3 on TBS.

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