Woman’s Pedicure Went Wrong, Badly Infected Foot

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“I currently am on the strongest antibiotics available given by IV and still having a hard time getting it under control.”

Unfortunately there are down sides to every possible source of joy, even in the relaxation world.

This includes your mani pedi routine.

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Case in point: Jennifer White of Noblesville, Indiana, who went for a standard pedicure at her local nail salon and ended up in the hospital for days with pain she had “never in my life experienced” before. Within two days of visiting the salon, White claims her foot turned has swelled and turned purple thanks to an infection she believes she’d caught at the salon.

In a Facebook post, White explains that she went to the hospital after she noticed the infection (tbh, it’s hard to miss in her photos) and says her doctors told her it was likely thanks to a small cut she had on her foot — which, she alleges, got infected from a dirty pedicure tub or tools.

“I was worried I could possibly lose my toe,” White added. “I currently am on the strongest antibiotics available given by IV and still having a hard time getting it under control.” She shared photos and well, before you look at them, it’s probably best to back away from whatever snack you may be eating.

The salon’s manager told local news station RTV6 that they abide by all the appropriate health codes, “and that they sanitize and dispose of all tools according to state law.” The salon also apparently “[bleaches] the pedicure tubs after each use, but have ordered plastic liners for each tub because of this experience.” And, while denying responsibility for White’s infection, the manager also claimed the salon might help pay for her medical bills.

To avoid an experience like White’s inflamed foot balloon, you could just do your own nails at home — basically let’s none of us ever leave our homes again, unless we’re in one of those big hermetic plastic bubbles.

But if you can’t resist the relaxing feeling of sitting in those cushy massage chairs (same), then consider avoiding the jacuzzi tubs, which have those lovely jets, yes, but are also notoriously hard to clean. And try finding a salon which lets you bring your own tools and nail polish with you, in order to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

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