About 100 Wineries Join Wine 4 Paws In April

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Wine 4 Paws

Picture Courtesy Of Woods Humane Society


Wine 4 Paws is undoubtedly near the top of the list that people wait for every year.

It’s a sponsorship for Woods Humane Society and it is always orchestrated by Sarah Tomasetti, her husband Steve, and some 15 volunteers.

When the Paso couple was enjoying local wine on the back deck and watching their dogs in the yard 10 years ago, they thought of doing something that would combine both the love of pets and Paso area wine.

The weekend event began as an idea to get wineries and locals involved for the benefit of helping Woods maintain its excellence in dog adoptions.

In the first year, 35 wineries participated and each year, more and more join in to help the cause.

This year there are ‘just shy’ of 100 wineries involved! Earth and Fire Brewers in Paso and Olivas de Oro (olive oil) in Creston are also donating a portion of their sales.

Templeton’s Las Tablas Animal Hospital is the main event-sponsor for the weekend.

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The good residents of El Paso de Robles and surrounding hamlets love our pets.

Sometimes it seems close-to-sinful if a home doesn’t have a couple ol’ rescue dogs on the porch and at least one cat-in-a-basket in a sunny window.

There are super-fine animal adoption places in the county and Woods collaborates with them for the betterment of all animals. Woods is special.

They are a nonprofit, not part of SLO Animal Services, but sits side by side with it on Oklahoma Ave. in SLO.

The two organizations have a wonderful hand-shake agreement. Since Woods began, they have performed over 3,500 spay/neuter procedures as well as countless classes on animal behavior and pet training for owners.

With the merger of the Atascadero shelter (2300 Ramona Rd.) into the fold, Woods now covers both dogs and cats.

Last year they have about 2,500 adoptions at Woods. 

Isn’t that just staggeringly wonderful! It’s easy to imagine the costs to successfully run such an operation.

Medicines, surgery costs, newspapers, cages, food, rags, electricity and supplies do add up fast.

Ms. Jill Tucker is Woods’ Executive Director and it’s hard to put into words how thankful she is for this fund-raising event. Last year was $45,000!

Next month in the April edition of your PASO Magazine, there’ll be more information but for now, here are the important points to jot down. www.Wine4Paws.com has all the info.

Print out a map of the participating wineries and a passport to enter drawings for great prizes.

Friday, April 6, there will be a party at Lefondusac tasting-room in Tin City with wine, food and live music.

If you’d like to participate in any portion of the weekend, contact Sarah at Info@Wine4Paws.com.Tell her I suggested it!

Here’s some food for thought; a full 50% of all animals turned in or surrendered to Woods come from North County. Go tasting, buy your favorites and in the process, smile at the good deed you are doing while having a great time!