Band SXSW 2018
THE SHEEPDOGS–the Canadian-based five-piece guitar-driven rock band–have released a humorous dive bar performance-themed video (think Patrick Swayze’s Road House) for the song “Nobody,” off their new album CHANGING COLOURSClick here to watch the video that premiered yesterday with Team Rock (in the UK) and Exclaim (in Canada) and dynamically climaxes to a bar room brawl which was shot in a country roadhouse.
“Coming up as a band, we booked a lot of shows that were us playing at the wrong bar,” says the band’s bassist Ryan Gullen. “Playing these shows, everyone in the band wants to kill each other. Now we finally got our chance and I got to make it a reality. We shot the video at a bar called the Commercial Tavern in Maryhill, ON, one of the oldest still active country roadhouses in Canada.”
THE SHEEPDOGS’ vocalist/guitarist Ewan Currie adds: “It’s my favorite song on the record and just all around represents what rock ‘n roll is all about. It’s been a longtime dream of mine to make a video where we just beat the tar out of each other for a music video. Ryan was able to make it a reality.”
CHANGING COLOURS–released digitally February 2 via Dine Alone Records (in the U.S.) and Warner Music (in Canada)–marks the sixth full-length album release for the four-time JUNO Award-winning group who graced the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011 when they made history as the first unsigned band to appear on the cover of the famed magazine by beating out 15 other artists in the Choose the Cover contest (Issue 1137). For CHANGING COLOURS, the band expanded their sound, encompassing more styles and hues to enhance their trademark beef-and-boogie twin-axe riffs, hooks, shufflesand long-haired aesthetic. Look for the physical album to be released on May 11.
THE SHEEPDOGSCurrie (vocals, guitars), Gullen (bass, backing vocals), Sam Corbett (drums, backing vocals), Shamus Currie (keyboards, trombone) and Jimmy Bowskill (guitars)–deliver passionate music born out of spontaneity on CHANGING COLOURS, their follow-up to 2015’s Future Nostalgia. Opening up the 17-song album is the euphoric “Nobody” alongside the electrifying “Saturday Night” and the driving “I’ve Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be,” the record’s infectious first single.
THE SHEEPDOGS haven’t only stretched their sonic palate on their new album, they’ve also expanded stylistically, tastefully embracing other genres as well. There’s the country-lite feel of “Let It Roll,” the Stax-soul aura of the mid-tempo anthem “I Ain’t Cool” that features trombone, and the resplendent Latin-rock vibe that fuels “The Big Nowhere.” The CHANGING COLOURS sessions also marked the recording debut of the newest Sheepdog: guitar wiz Jimmy Bowskill, who parachuted into the lineup as a live, last-minute replacement. The band honors Bowskill’s addition with an instrumental tribute to his Bailieboro, Ontario hometown in the folk-flavored “The Bailieboro Turnaround,” part of a six-song medley that begins with “Born A Restless Man”and concludes with “Run Baby Run.” Medleys, in general, have become something of a SHEEPDOGSsignature.
In support of the album’s release, THE SHEEPDOGS-who’ve toured with Kings of Leon and John Fogerty, performed at BonnarooSouth By Southwest (SXSW) and Canada’s Bluesfest and appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon-are spending the first half of March on the road touring throughout Canada before heading to Europe in April. THE SHEEPDOGS will return to the U.S. this summer, with dates to be announced soon.