The Best Mexican Food In San Diego

Best mexican food

Best mexican food

If we’re talking culinary attractions, Mexican food is San Diego’s main calling card. While inexpensive fish tacos and French fry-stuffed burritos are readily available in this region, San Diego has much more to offer when it comes to traditional Mexican cuisine. Tacos made with freshly pounded heirloom corn tortillas, tangy ceviches, succulent lamb barbacoa, and redolent mole and carnitas are just the beginning. Whether you’re walking up to a food truck or tucking into a loaded plate, you’re guaranteed a good—and seriously authentic—meal. We’ve scoured San Diego’s streets to bring you its 10 best South of the Border-inspired eats. Dig in!


Finding a sit-down Mexican restaurant with quality food might seem futile in grab-and-go San Diego, but Puesto is the exception. This bright, bustling restaurant is located in The Headquarters at Seaport Village, a one-time downtown police command post-turned-outdoor marketplace. Puesto’s kitchen turns out modern takes on Mexican street food. You’ll see it in their tacos, which range from traditional carnitas to zucchini with nopales (a type of cactus), in addition to snacks like chicharrónes and ceviche. The drinks menu is basically an homage to Mexico, and includes tequila and mezcal, plus beers and wines from Valle de Guadalupe.



The counter service at El Indio might make the place look like a fast food joint—but the vibe at this family-run Mexican restaurant is decidedly warm. Some say El Indio invented the taquito (the restaurant more judiciously claims they helped popularize the “little taco”). Veracity aside, theirs are worth trying. The crispy rolled tacos come in beef, chicken, or potato and can be topped with cheese, guacamole, or both. If that doesn’t tickle you, there’s an extensive menu of other dishes: enchiladas, tamales, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, chimichangas, beans and rice, and so on.


Think of this Barrio Logan spot as the Mexican food equivalent of The Soup Nazi: Your options won’t be plentiful, but you won’t really care. Want proof? There’s always a line outside the no-frills, cash-only taqueria, so use that time to figure out what you want (don’t worry, the menu isn’t long). If we may make a recommendation: go with the rolled tacos slathered in sour cream and cheese, or the rice and beans with chorizo served with two flour tortillas.