FabFitFun To Create Urban Oasis In Downtown Los Angeles

FabFitFun | Urban Oasis | Downtown Los Angeles


FabFitFun | Urban Oasis | Downtown Los Angeles

ALL BOXED UP: Subscription box firm FabFitFun is back for round two in the world of pop-ups with one set for downtown Los Angeles.

The West Hollywood company tested its first in-real-life concept at its headquarters in October, in a move cofounder and co-chief executive officer Daniel Broukhim said the team was “really, really thrilled with the outcome and thought it was a resounding success.”

“It was a positive and in terms of what we learned about our customer, we’re tapping into something we already know, which is that there’s a big community around FabFitFun and there are people who love FabFitFun,” Broukhim said.

“To the extent that we can provide experiences for our loyal members who love the boxes, love the content, love the community element… and other things that we provide people within our membership, we want to bring people together more and more.”

To that end, the company has what it’s calling an installation set up for the weekend at Grand Central Market.

The two-day pop-up will include hand-painted cacti and plants, sale of the company’s spring box and photo opps that, if posted to social media, can be used for a discount on the box.

“We love Grand Central Market. It’s a historic place and one of the nicest markets in the world so we always had it on our radar,” Broukhim said of the location.

The company’s taking over vacant space at the market building out its experience on the Broadway side of the food and produce hall.

FabFitFun’s box is its halo product but the company has since grown to also include on-demand workouts on its FabFitFunTV, an app and special sales for its membership.

The company, started in 2010, last reported revenue of $42 million in 2016.

More pop-ups are expected throughout the year and eventually consideration of something more permanent, Broukhim said, adding, “We’re always looking for novel and unique ways to reinvent the retail industry — and that’s not just limited to online.”