LA WineFest’s Joel M. Fisher PhD visits Happy Canyon Vineyard to taste with Sean Pitts



Happy Canyon Vineyard, a family-owned and operated estate vineyard and boutique winery, is location on the plush central coast of California.  It’s know to have gained esteem with their award-winning Bordeaux varietal wines.

Driving up, their vineyard sits upon the hills of the beautiful Piocho Ranch, Santa Ynez Valley. The ranch and vineyard is where we spend time visiting and tasting.

Throughout the conversation, we learn they have two regulation sized Polo fields and many powerful Polo ponies showing excellend in wine with a passion for Polo.

1. Piocho Sauvignon Blanc 2016. Nice straw color

Sean Pitt, winemaker (and president) says half in oak barrels for six months storage.  Aged in Bordeaux cork.  Not a complicated wine.  Lots of fruit on the nose – citrus and tropical – minerality on palate and some vanilla.  12.49% alcohol.  Liked the finish, stretching out and fresh.

2.  Piocho Red Blend 2013.  Garnet color, Merlot.  Good mouth feel, long finish.  12.7% alcohol.

3.  Piocho Red Blend 2012.  Happy Canyon.  More refined Cabernet blend.  Nose has cherries, raspberries,  and some stone fruit.  The palate shows good balance with dark cherry, chocolate.  So good ______, good fruit, good taste.

4.  2016 Happy Canyon Barrack Blanc.  Fruit forward, good color, very pleasant mouth feel.  Wine finishes with stone fruit turning into spices and maybe wood.

5.  2014 Ten Goal Cabernet Sauvignon Red Blend.  Great fruits to open.  The nose _____ cherries, chocolates, some oak.  Let me say this is a strong wine.  Ten Goal is a _____, but you don’t need to know Tom Barrack likes polo.  They make some really excellent wine and I took some home with me.