New Service Set To Revolutionize The Shopper Marketing & Event Sponsorship Industries

BAM Logo

BAM Logo

Event advertising and shopper activation just became easier for brands, events and retailers thanks to a new, one-of-a-kind platform called BAM (Brand Activation Maximizer), which connects the dots between all three.

The BAM software and service provides brands with the broadest spectrum of targeted national and local advertising/sponsorship opportunities to consider, even indicating which events align to retailer priorities. This enables them to leverage advertising and shopper marketing dollars to encourage additional merchandising support at key customers. The result is innovative, branded event marketing programs that deliver measurable retail execution and sales growth for manufactures and their retail partners.


Event organizers benefit from a more professional and targeted approach to their sponsorship acquisition efforts.  Event listings in the BAM database open the door to millions in available brand sponsorship investments.

Participating retailers will broaden the reach of their local marketing efforts by receiving brand marketing proposals that are targeted to their specific objectives.

With dozens of complementary brands already slated to use the BAM platform, promotional partners can share advertising costs and deliver “shopper solution” in-store merchandising events that provide a robust return on investment for everyone involved.

BAM delivers a solution for the challenges posed by the ever-changing world of brand activation, shopper marketing, retail competition, and event execution.

“For brands, breaking through the clutter of omni-channel communication methods to engage their target consumers locally where they live, and shop has become more relevant than ever,” said BAM President Tad Geschickter.  “At the same time, an increasing number of events across the country are seeking relevant sponsors, while many retailers are looking for ways to increase shopper loyalty, store traffic and dollar sales.”

Geschickter and his team of experts, who have more than 175 years of combined brand and shopper marketing, retail sales, and retail buying experience, refined the BAM concept over two decades by identifying and executing high impact NASCAR sponsorship and merchandising programs with retailers across the country.

“Our team is taking our proven NASCAR activation model that has allowed us to optimize over $200 million in sponsorship in NASCAR, and we are applying it to all types of consumer events across the country,” said Geschickter, who also owns NASCAR Cup Series teams. “Our model is battle-tested, and its expansion is timely.  The BAM service provides an easy, proven method for identifying the right opportunities and executing programs that deliver the best business results for all stakeholders.”

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