Kim Kardashian Sells Kanye West’s Underwear for Charity

Kanye West's Underwear for Charity

Kanye West's Underwear for Charity

Kim Kardashian West sold a pair of men’s boxer shorts at her eBay store as part of her philanthropic efforts to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

The “Kim Kardashian West HUF Black Penthouse Silk Men’s Boxer Shorts” were black, with the word “Penthouse” repeatedly printed on it in white. The item was listed as “new with tags,” so Kanye West likely had not worn it, unless he likes to keep tags on his underwear.

The pair sold for only $12.50 after 11 bids, according to the listing.

According to E! News, Kardashian posted over 200 items on her eBay store. The listings are managed by Auction Cause and 10 percent of the proceeds from each listing will go to Children’s Hospital. Many of the auctions end on Feb. 25.

Some of the items are listed as “pre-owned,” which means that it is possible Kardashian wore them. These items include a pair of Alexander McQueen white buckle and lace ankle boot heels, which is now at $295 after 22 bids. The listing for a pink Tom Ford turtleneck sweater shows a picture of Kardashian wearing it, and has reached $285 after 37 bids.


The most expensive item up for auction is a Louis Vuitton Paris Brown Checkered Rolling Luggage bag. After 29 bids, the piece is up to $700, and it will cost you $70.40 to have it shipped.

Another pricey item is a Christian Dior red silk dress, which is up to $405 after 38 bids.

If you are looking for something really unique, you can get a Vivienne Westwood white corset for $102.

Kardashian has been a big supporter of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In June 2016, she received a special plaque from the hospital’s president and CEO, Paul Viviano, for her work at the hospital. She said at the ceremony she has been visiting patients there for years and has an increased appreciation for the work they do now that she is a mother.

“You realize how hard it must be to be a parent to a child with an illness,” Kardashian told Varietyin a 2015 profile about her charitable work. “Your whole perspective changes.”

“Her involvement has always been laser-focused,” DeAnn Marshall, an executive at the hospital, told Variety. “Her positive spirit and genuine concern for their situations has lifted up many families during unimaginable times.”

During a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kardashian visited the Alexandria House, a shelter for women and single mothers. She told her fans that the visit inspired her fans to donate to the charity. One person even donated $1 million. TMZ reported that the $1 million was donated by former NFL lineman Branden Albert.

“Just got off the phone [with] our show producers who informed me that since our episode on homelessness aired [Alexandria House] have been flooded w/donations from people who were so moved!” Kardashian tweeted. “One person even donated $1mil. THANK U to those who have helped to make a difference!”