H.E.A.L. Austin Wants To Help You Learn To Listen Before SXSW

H.E.A.L. Austin

H.E.A.L. Austin

H.E.A.L. Austin is a 1-day event on March 9 that focuses on listening right before one of the loudest times in Austin — SXSW.

Three non-profit organizations are sponsoring the event: depression2extinction, Urban Confessional and Global Village (Glbl Vllg.)

H.E.A.L. Austin, which stands for Helping Emotions Allow Listening, is an event being described as a transformative workshop that will allow you space to learn how to listen, share your own story all the while making new friends.

One of the organizers, Jeff Jackson with depression2extinction, said with our current political climate and mental health issues, there isn’t enough listening taking place.

The free listening experiences have already started in other cities.

“They went to the Republican National Convention and they had about 30 people with free listening signs and it was just this diverse from anger from, wow, I’m so glad you’re out here to somebody will listen to my point of view because nobody else is listening to me, and I think that’s part of the problem right now,” said Jackson.

As far as what will happen March 9, Jackson said,

“We’re going to hold up our free listening signs. We’re going to allow people to come up and share their story. We’re going to come back to our starting point.”

From there, Jackson said they will come back together and discuss and share their experiences.

Organizers haven’t decided on an exact location.

Make sure to check back a week before on HEALevents.org for that and all the latest information.