Local Entrepreneur Gets Invite to Pre-Oscar Beverly Hills Celebrity Event



Pamela Auger, a local entrepreneur whose innovative and eco-friendly skin care massager OctoVie made it to Amazon less than a year ago, has been invited to Beverly Hills for an unusual party that has top Oscars celebrities mingle with inventors like her.


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The event, which is not affiliated with the Academy Awards, is called EcoLuxe, short for environmentally friendly luxury. The organization has thrown a pre-Oscars party every year for a decade. “It’s a chance to meet the stars,” Augur told The Standard-Times — not to mention having a product endorsed by a celebrity.

The EcoLuxe website describes the event: “Created by veteran TV/film product placement producer Debbie Durkin of Durkin Entertainment, EcoLuxe Luxury Celebrity Lounge is an experience that connects brands, environmental and charity causes with celebrities, media, Influencers, social media, rock stars, pop culture, TV segments and movie producers, and entertainment and fashion industry VIPs.”

Auger’s palm-sized, rubbery egg-shaped massager came to the attention of the EcoLuxe people online and they extended her an invitation. Now Auger’s task is to come up with the money for the trip, lodging and expenses such as giving away free OctoVie massagers with their distinctive nubs that she says stimulate blood flow, open pores, smooth and heal skin.

OctoVie is also hypoallergenic, important in the world of green products.


The product sales pitch states that OctoVie “exfoliates dead skin cells and helps to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and crepey skin.”

The deceptively simple device was invented by Auger to repair her skin after radiation treatments for breast cancer left hers in terrible shape. A nurse, Auger decided to do something about it and invented the skin care brush.

It “stimulates collagen production for better tone and texture (and) Also helps improve blood circulation to clear tissues of toxins,” her website says.

She demonstrated how it could be used with about any kind of lotion to promote the removal of dead skin, improve circulation and minimize wrinkles.

Now Auger is going to have a chance spread her message at the 11th annual EcoLuxe Pre-Oscars Lounge at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 2. Hollywood celebrities by the dozens have attended these events in past years.

Auger said she is hoping for help from the EforAll entrepreneur organization to defray expenses, which could be $5,000 or more.

OctoVie is designed and manufactured locally, and it made it to Amazon in the spring of 2017. It is available on her web site, www.OctoVieSkinBrush.com.

Now it is available on Amazon for $14.99 and at some Whole Foods stores, as well. A brush, used twice a day for two minutes each time, should last three months or more, Auger estimates. Call 508-812-0714 for more information.

SOURCE: ( South Coast Today )