6 Directors Who Should Be Hired For Pilot Season 2018



In the coming weeks, networks across television will be deciding what pilots they want to greenlight for series contention in the coming year… and those pilots need directors.

While there’s likely going to be a mad dash for big name, headline-grabbing feature hires like there always is, these six directors are more than up for the task of pilot direction and, if stars align, long-term staffing as well.

Joe Lynch

Most recent credit: Mayhem

Coming off the release of the insane and truly enjoyable Mayhem, Lynch is poised for his next directing gig and getting him on a TV show would be a great move for any studio looking to build a long-term relationship with someone well overdue for their chance in the spotlight.

Lynch has often presented as the kind of director that likes to see projects through in full so it’s possible any show that puts him on staff will likely get far more than just one episode out of him.

Rosemary Rodriguez

Most recent credit: The Walking Dead and The Tick

You may not know her name, but Rodriguez has been actively directing since 2005 on hit shows ranging from Law & OrderCriminal Minds and Rescue Me to Jessica Jones and The Walking Dead.

Currently, she’s one of the most competent and consistent directors working in the TV landscape and any studio not considering her for pilot season is not working with a proper list. The experience is there as well as the drive. Rodriguez is a great pick for any show looking for someone long term.

Jeremy Rush

Most recent credit: Wheelman

While Bright may have been Netflix’s most expensive movie of 2017 it was not its best. That honor falls to the single-location set thriller that is Wheelman from first-time writer/director Jeremy Rush.

Currently, Rush is trying to decide what his next project should be and while he sits by waiting for whatever deals may be in place to close on a new feature, any TV studio that can nab him for pilot season would be doing themselves a massive service.

Lorene Scafaria

Most recent credit: The Meddler

Packing one of the most unique voices in Hollywood, Scafaria is poised for a more substantial jump into television – which seems to be on the horizon thanks to her hiring for a 2018 Hulu pilot. In the past she has served as director on episodes of New Girl.

Additionally, has landed on her feet with every feature effort she’s attempted since her feature debut, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Placing her on a pilot in need of a unique voice that can also help build a repeatable weekly format is absolutely the right move for any showrunner and/or executive looking to make a solid hire this year.

MJ Bassett

Most recent credit: Strike Back

One of the most prolific and efficient action directors working today in either features or television, Bassett brings the goods every time out no matter the project, be it the insanity of Ash vs Evil Dead or bombastic chaos of Strike Back.

Heading into pilot season, Bassett absolutely deserves a shot to shape a show from scratch visually. As it stands, the only work the director has taken on in the states when it comes to broadcast television is a stint on NBC’s short-lived action series, The Player. That needs to change.

Ami Canaan Mann

Most recent credit: Cloak & Dagger and Power

Since 2015, Mann has maintained a very active career jumping from show to show serving as a gun for hire on the likes of Sneaky PeteThe BlacklistShots Fired and most recently, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.

She’s proven herself enough times to be granted a shot at a new show during pilot season that, like so many on this list, she can help shape from day one. Additionally, like the rest, Mann seems the kind of director likely to stay attached to a project long-term if given the opportunity.