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Steven Land Fashions Goes Green

Steven Land Fashions Goes Green

Steven Land Opening Goes Green

Steven Land, the men’s fashion brand, signs the legendary “Quiet Storm” host Lenny Green. Green, a pioneer and award-winning nationally syndicated radio broadcaster for WBLS, has been in radio for over 2 decades.  Over that time, he has become a trusted voice for his listeners and developed a reputation for being a “Love Doctor” by offering relationship advice and tackling tough issues.  

Being a native New Yorker, fashion has always been a part of his DNA.  This partnership was meant to be, as Green was already a fan of Steven Land.  Lenny Greenstates, “This was an exciting opportunity for me.  I have many shirts and ties from Steven Land and now I get to represent the brand from head to toe.”

The Steven Land Brand is known for its cutting-edge style and innovation. They were responsible for creating the “Big Knot” tie and have kept the dress up style in fashion.  This is the first formal endorsement deal for Steven Land and they believe it will translate into greater sales and awareness.  

The partnership includes advertising, promotion, social media and public appearances.  

“These relationships always work better when they are organic, real and mutually beneficial.  We believe we have all the ingredients for success and can make an immediate impact; Lenny is our customer,” says Steven Landman.

The Steven Land line which has been mostly known for its fabulous shirts and ties has expanded its offering to include suits, shoes, socks, hats and watches.  The pop-up concept store in Harlem is open 7 days a week from 10-8pm, complete with an in-store stylist and tailoring services.  

You can also find the entire line at

Steven Landman came to America in 1986 from Israel and began selling ties for his brother at New York City flea markets. The marketplace was a haven for immigrants. It was a cornucopia of interesting individuals who brought with them their own unique cultures, backgrounds and styles.

Landman interacted with them on a daily basis and developed an affinity for what the public liked regardless of gender, race or color. When Landman’s brother opened a New York haberdashery called “Tie One,” Landman became a buyer and a few years later he launched Steven Land.

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