New App Cashes Out Prepaid Cards With A Simple Scan



Prepaid2Cash, a service which effortlessly, calmly, and securely converts network-branded (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) prepaid cards into cash, today introduced the availability of both its iOS and Android apps.

After the first set up, the Prepaid2Cash app gives the opportunity to users to quite simply scan their prepaid card and promptly receive payment via direct deposit, generally within three business days.

Prepaid2Cash is the first company and only app available that offers a cash withdrawal for the prepaid gift cards that have the logo from the big four network-branded payment networks.

Prepaid gift cards have become more and more popular as another option to cash and are frequently used for employee incentives, customer rebate programs, or gifting. While the extra income is always welcome, cards can get lost or forgotten, and are often encumbered with usage-based restrictions or have decreasing values and fees, making it challenging for consumers to receive the full face value of the card.

The obstacles are so incredible that according to a recent study, over $300 billion dollars in cards are issued every year and anywhere from 25-50 percent of them go unused, leaving $75-150 billion dollars of value on the table for consumers to recoup.  

“Unrestricted cash is the most desirable to consumers,” says Peter Vogt, Co-Founder of Prepaid2Cash. “As a financial executive and consumer myself, I experienced firsthand the challenges when trying to use my prepaid gift cards.

Prepaid2Cash has applied technology to a widespread problem, and provides consumers with an option that enables them to unlock cash from their prepaid cards and have the freedom to pay for things like car payments, travel, rent, or perhaps simply put the money to work for them in savings.”

Prepaid2Cash App Features:

  • Quick Cash: Transaction approvals and direct deposit settlement within 2-3 business days.  
  • Simple Scanning: Customers have the opportunity to instantly scan their prepaid cards without requiring long form data input.
  • No Account Number Required: Prepaid2Cash offers a secure portal to log into bank accounts for user’s bank online credentials so no need to memorize bank account or routing numbers.
  • Confident Security: Going mobile improves security while speeding up access for customers. In iOS users can use TouchID and in Android they can use a customer PIN.

Pricing and Availability

And finally, Prepaid2Cash apps are available today on both iOS and Android. Prepaid2Cash only charges a 7.5% processing plus $1.50 for direct deposit delivery fee, the lowest cost and fastest delivery option possible for obtaining cash for your prepaid card.