Elyptol Nominated For Edison Awards 2018

Elyptol Inc Edison Awards 2018

Elyptol Inc Edison Awards 2018

The Edison Best New Product Awards are among the most reputable accomplishments honouring distinction and excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centred design and innovation.

Every year, over 150 companies from all over the globe are honoured with an Edison Award, including Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups, and every type of business in between.

“Elyptol strives to bring a natural alternative to the toxic chemical laden hand sanitizers on the market,” says Tim O’Connor, President & CEO, Elyptol. “Offering an alternative that kills germs but not their skin could make healthcare workers wash their hands more frequently and therefore reduce the spread of Hospital Associated Infections. Winning this award in 2018 could greatly assist with that message.”

Elyptol was the recipient of the ECRM Buyer’s Choice Finalist Award (USA), the Bronze winner of the International Design Awards and also the 2017 Inclean Innovation Award (Australia).

A few years ago in 2016, Elyptol won the NEXTY Award, the award that gave praise to the most progressive, innovative inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry.

Elyptol’s range of hand sanitizer gels, sprays, wipes, liquid soaps and natural cleaning wipes contain all botanical ingredients with an emphasis on safe and green. In addition, elyptol products are all proudly vegan, gluten and cruelty free.

Moreover, the organic formulation with natural ethanol alcohol from sugar cane and corn and with eucalyptus oil is an extremely powerful hand sanitizer that effectively kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi and other common germs that can cause disease.

Elyptol is perfect for individuals who are most likely to dermatitis and allergic reactions as it’s safe for high frequency use, and has the ability to sanitize and moisturise.

Elyptol is aiming for further achievements in 2018 and is proud to bring consumers a first class natural organic hand sanitiser.