Sales Book Reveals Essential Ideas Of Social Selling



Exceptional sales professionals overtime are discovering the value in creating their own leads and pipeline through social selling.  

Sandler Training and LinkedIn Sales Solutions stated:

“We’ve found that many sales professionals struggle with this mysterious task called ‘social selling.’  

It’s the kind of thing they know they should do – the kind of thing they are often told they’re doing incorrectly – and maybe even get frustrated with themselves because they sometimes don’t know what to do.”

In LINKEDIN THE SANDLER WAY, Sandler Training and LinkedIn Sales Solutions partner up to share the 25 essential secrets to uncovering large ideas for prospecting and selling online. These quote on quote “secrets” are only secret in the sense that, for a handful of salespeople, the subjects reveal ideas so innovative that they probably haven’t become part of a sales team’s routine culture.

According to Sandler Training, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator application makes social selling accessible and acceptable.

“You don’t have to be a LinkedIn wizard, and you don’t have to know how to do advanced searches or find a dozen different ways to work your way through the system to get things done. You can use your own network of business contacts and your company’s network to take an account-centric view of the world.  This tool cuts through all the noise.”

Sandler Training and LinkedIn Sales Solutions encourage sales professionals to follow the 9 Commandments of Social Selling to make it seamless for sales prospects to want to do business:

  • Provide a solution that doesn’t involve buying anything
  • Be mindful of their time when sharing content
  • Send a detailed agenda in advance of your meeting
  • Make your demos specific to the prospect’s problems
  • Lead with insights
  • Make your prospect look good
  • Make them feel understood
  • Share their content or updates without pressure to reciprocate
  • Play matchmaker

Overall, successful professional selling generally depends on the development of relationships based on integrity. From best practices to worst practices, and everything in between including generating warm referrals and creating a powerful self-updating contact list, LINKEDIN THE SANDLER WAY is a must read for any professional looking to succeed in social selling.

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